When planning a wedding, one of the things the happy couple will be most excited about – besides getting hitched, of course – is getting all of their loved ones gathered together in one room.

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Any bride and groom will want to make sure their guests have the best time possible, however, for some single guests the idea of turning up to a wedding alone can be a little daunting. But weddings are a great place to meet new people, make new friends, and maybe even meet Mr Right!

So we’ve got the founder of MySingleFriend.com, Sarah Beeny to reveal her top tips for any pre-nuptial couple to make sure their single guests have a day they’ll never forget…

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Careful table planning

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Your wedding table plan is the perfect opportunity to dabble in a bit of marital matchmaking. Think your university flatmate would be the perfect match for your cousin? Get them together! Putting singles on a table together ensures conversation will flow and that your single guest won’t feel like a spare part on a table full of loved-up couples.

Start the bonding process before the big day

An informal dinner or drinks ahead of the wedding means anyone coming on their own will see some familiar face when the big day comes around – which is always reassuring for those nervous singletons.

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Hit the dancefloor as a group

Romantic, smoochy slow dances are great, but can be a bit excluding of single guests. Get everyone on the dancefloor and shaking their tail feathers all together!

The plus one

For anyone coming alone who doesn’t know any of the other guests, offering a plus one to bring a friend along is always a nice gesture if your guest list will allow it. Everyone feels more confident with a friend by their side, so they are bound to have a more enjoyable day. Plus, who knows, their plus one may turn out to be the life and soul of the party!

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A safe ride home

While you may have jetted off on honeymoon by the time your last guests leave, you can make sure they get home safe if they’re travelling along. Pre-booking taxis is a nice touch and ensures no one gets stuck as the curtain falls on your wedding. Although, if your meddling had worked its magic, they might not be going home alone!

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