DIY wedding stationery is a great cost-saving option for budget savvy brides, the bonus is that it can look great too!

As wedding stationers, Ivy Ellen have had a lot of calls from panicked brides because her DIY wedding invitations didn’t go to plan and now needs a quick turnaround time.

So, here are 5 things you need to consider before you DIY your own wedding stationery

Can you afford it?

Although most people see DIY as the cheaper option, this is not always the case. If you are planning to go into full DIY mode, buying the board, envelopes, ribbons, etc can all add up rather quickly. Remember that you might also make some mistakes when printing or cutting and end up re-buying half of your items! Ivy Ellen offer invites from just £1.20, working out as very budget friendly, and you can always add embellishments to existing designs!

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Do you have time?

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In theory DIY-ing 100 invitations sounds easy, in practicality you will be there for hours. You need to consider whether you have the time – and patience – for the task ahead of you. Delegating to friends and parents will help significantly, you can then run your own bridal party production line and get the job done much quicker.

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How will you do it?

There are two options when it comes to DIY wedding stationery, you can either go full or partial DIY. Full DIY means making your invitations from scratch whereas partial DIY is having a professionally printed invitation but adding your own personal touch. Here at Ivy Ellen, we have our very own DIY wedding stationery store, where you can buy jewels, ribbons, twine and more to help customise your invitations.

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Are you feeling crafty?

You need to think about whether you have a natural talent for being a bit crafty – if you’re a whizz with the glue gun and have no problem getting creative, then go for it! However, if you know there is a strong possibility your invitations may turn out wonky then maybe think twice!

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Will it fit your theme?

DIY wedding stationery often has a particular look and feel to it due to the handmade nature. If you are having a very elegant and traditional wedding, you will need to consider whether your DIY invitations will suit. DIY works really well for certain wedding themes such as rustic, festival and vintage, especially when you have other handmade items.

If your heart is set on a professional looking invitation but you want to DIY it, the best option is to have your stationer do half and you do half. At Ivy Ellen you have the option on some designs to have everything printed and cut but the assembly left for your own creative hands!

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For more information or products from Ivy Ellen, head to their website today! And for more DIY ideas and inspiration, we can help – just click here!