You’re the bride, so it’s your rules! When it comes to your wedding day, things that just aren’t acceptable in day-to-day life suddenly become completely okay…

Listing the people you like

Your list of who to send invitations to is, when it comes down it, a very specific list of people you like – the people who you don’t invite are people you aren’t keen on, but do you know what? You’re the bride so it’s okay.  HelenWill-755

Drinking in the morning

No one will judge a glass or two of Bucks Fizz before breakfast or while you’re getting ready… So why not? Just make sure you have a hearty breakfast to soak it all up!

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Being the boss

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On your wedding day, it is completely fine for you to run the show like a boss. No one will want to mess with you at the risk of a bridezilla coming out. Just don’t get too carried away…

Making an entrance

Whether you go for something huge, like a skydive landing in front of your venue, or something more simple, make sure you make the most of being a bride and make an entrance! This is not the time to be modest… You’re the star of the show so enjoy it.  Abi&JulianWedLEP_133


It might not feel like the ‘done thing’ in day to day life but today, embrace those PDAs! Your guests will love seeing you both so into each other – and it will give your photographer a great chance to capture some candid kissing shots. Anna and Derek-357

When you’re a bride you can get away with lots, it’s your day after all! If you’ve still got bits to plan before your big day, we can help you right here! Have a look at how to avoid being a bridezilla, too, with these top tips.