Wedding planning can be a stressful process, and we know some brides take it better than others. We’re definitely not saying that keen organisation when it comes to weddings is a bad thing, but these are feelings that only a true bridezilla would completely understand…


No, we’re not even talking about the wedding invitations, thank-you cards – we’re talking about what comes before that. The detailed wedding planner, complete with colour-coded dividers, highlighters, and pretty much every item of stationery you can think of. Think it’s over the top? Just watch this huge, heavy notebook plan the perfect, unproblematic wedding day, and leave me and my wedding planner alone.  Liz_Fran_wedding_001

Unanswered RSVP

To some, this can definitely be the most annoying part of the wedding planning process. The RSVPs are there for a reason… Is this not obvious? Your caterer and venue are bugging you for final numbers, that seating plan is looming over you, and your wedding guests just had one job to do before the wedding day. No, you will not accept any changes in the table plan – it’s not as simple as just scooting over! I mean, do they want a wedding favour or not!? Please can they just say if they’re coming… pretty please. France-486


No matter how beautiful and innocent your bridesmaids will look on your big day, only you will know what it was like in the run up. Firstly, bridesmaid shopping is not as easy as spotting a dress that you like and heading to the checkout. No, it’s a lot more difficult when you have five bridesmaids and their likes/dislikes to contend with. And secondly, why is it that whenever your with them they’re constantly on the phone, yet it takes them days to reply your email? Just one of the six things that bridesmaids do Stephen & Emily 321

Colour scheme

Once you decide on your colour scheme, you will start to see it everywhere. You’ll be picking up and buying stuff you didn’t think about originally! The problem is, so will other people – well, at least their idea of your colour scheme. Even though your theme is sage green, your friends and family might be sending you links to napkins in bottle green. NO.  Wedding-HighRes-396

Friends and family

Whilst you very much appreciate the crafty skills of your friends and family, and appreciate that they would like to help out with the wedding planning, you feel your wedding day may not be the place to try these skills out. You’d feel more at piece leaving it to the professionals, so, please, can we leave it to the professionals? It will work better with my totally professional, organised wedding planner too, (and you can’t really ditch a friend because the bunting wasn’t made in time).  AlexBeckett.HP11093

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