5 Suit Colours It’s Okay For Grooms To Wear All Year Round

In an ideal world, all men have access to a large walk-in wardrobe that includes a huge range of impeccably tailored suits. Oh, and available in every single colour imaginable; a suit for every occasion and every season.

Sadly, that’s not the reality for the majority of us, however, opt for sensible choices when it comes to colours. It means that five different suits cam be worn all year round without any sense of offending the season. And no, white linen is not included.



Don’t be put off by wearing a black suit in the summer – it’s a classic look and will never look out of place. Of course, it’s not the right colour for a social event on a hot summer evening, so be sensible with when and where you use it. Perfect for business wear all year round and for evening functions, in the warmer months, lighten the look with a pale shirt and tie combo – or no tie at all.


Navy blue

Timelessly smart, navy blue is a great option if you want to keep it fairly formal but consider the occasion not quite suitable for black and the associations with that colour. You can dress it up or down, depending on the occasion, like teaming it with black shoes for the office or tan brogues for a more casual appearance. Alternatively for a more ‘country casual’ grooms look in blue, consider a tweed suit. Tweed comes in different pattern strengths whether you want something subtle or statement and range in material weight for every season.


Charcoal grey

This is a super versatile colour and every man out there needs to own a charcoal grey suit. It’s formal enough to wear to the office or a business meeting, but also can be adapted for social occasions after your big day – like other weddings, dinner parties and events. The beauty of charcoal grey is that it tends to look richer and deeper – and therefore more expensive – than lighter greys. Try Dobell for examples!



Yes, brown. Possibly the most underrated and understated of the mainstream suit colours; brown should be in your top five. It’s more versatile than you think – it looks great with white, and almost any shade of blue. The chances are, too, that whenever you wear a brown suit, you’ll be in a minority in the room: the very stylish minority.



Not a colour exactly, but a pinstripe suit is a welcome addition to the set of five. The pinstripe is no longer the exclusive to the banker or stiff office worker – it’s becoming a smart, savvy look for all men that want to stand out from the crowd. Pinstripe suits come in a range of colours though work best in blues, medium to light greys and brown. We’d say avoid black as that really does scream stockbroker!

If you’re struggling to find inspiration for your suit, Dobell have endless choices of smart, sophisticated suits for your big day!