We give you the perfect excuse to pamper (just in case you needed one!)

You’ll be hard pressed to persuade us that anything but a natural beauty look is best for your big day, but there are still things you can do to take it up a notch. The secret? Spoiling your skin and hair with the best beauty regimes, of course! We show you how…


We give you the perfect excuse for pampering with this 5-step bridal beauty bootcamp to get your glow ahead of the big day!


Rock those routines

It’s time to stop thinking of routines as humdrum and start seeing the opportunity for high quality homecare. Daily washing and cleansing of your skin will set you up for success, whether you do so morning, night or both. Removing your makeup at the end of each day is a must – not only will it keep your skin and pores cleaner, it’ll also keep the makeup residue off your pillows, reducing the bacteria build up on them. This means that once you’ve prepped your face for a clear night’s sleep, it stays that way. Commit to giving your makeup brushes a similar treatment with regular cleaning for the same reason.

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Now is also the time to revamp your haircare routine if you’ve let it slip (and we’ve all been guilty of it). Don’t delay your next trim and keep them six-weekly moving forwards, then support your stylist’s work with the regular use of a quality conditioner. Deep conditioning hair masks in particular will keep your locks looking luscious.

And if you’re the kind of gal who just loves a schedule, then Anna Sorbie’s expert bridal beauty countdown is just the calendar you need. While we’re at it, we’ve got a hair timeline for you too (we’re generous like that).


Did someone say spa?

Brides and beauty professionals alike advocate regular facials in the approach to your big day. Over a series of treatments, your skin will be rejuvenated as the impurities are washed away, so you have the best blank canvas for your makeup artist to work from. Just make sure you forgo any facial treatments in the week leading up to your wedding to avoid the risk of redness. You can also get facial products to pamper yourself at home.

Getting engaged is the perfect excuse for a manicure for many brides, and with a ring to show off, who can blame them? Often simpler but no less significant, many brides let their wedding bands slip their minds once they have been chosen. Your hands will likely never be photographed this much again though, so make sure a manicure makes it onto your pre-wedding treatment list.

We give you the perfect excuse for pampering with this 5-step bridal beauty bootcamp to get your glow ahead of the big day!

Pick the perfect products

Some of our real brides’ favourite brands include MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier, Clinique and Bobbi Brown, but there are many more available. Whatever the brand, two things that simply must be in your bridal makeup bags are a quality primer and setting powder. The first and finishing touches, these two products will keep your makeup in place so you’re free to smile, dance and kiss the night away. Let’s face it, would you rather be in the arms of your new hubby or in the ladies room touching up your makeup?

This one might sound a little suspect, but bear with us because we have it from our real brides that it works (you can see the rest of the real bride makeup tips here!). Choosing a lip gloss with a blue tint – not enough to make your lips actually blue, of course – will help make your teeth look whiter in the photographs without any expensive whitening required.


Trial and error

While your makeup trial is mainly focussed on finding the right bridal look for you, don’t miss the opportunity to test it further. Book a trial as close to your wedding date as you’re comfortable with to have similar weather and light conditions. What looks bright and beautiful in the summer can appear very differently in the winter. And if you can get it booked in for a morning, do! You can then see how well your makeup stays on for the rest of the day.


Can we have an extension?

Hair and eyelash extensions are both on the wish lists for many brides-to-be. The hair kind can give you increased volume and length, making different styles possible (here are 17 of our favourites) while eyelash extensions mean you won’t necessarily need to wear mascara, so there’s no need to worry about it running if your emotions take over.


What beauty tips have you picked up?