Once you’ve got over the giddy excitement of being engaged, one of the first things you’ll do as a newly engaged couple is start the hunt to find your dream wedding venue.

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When it comes to planning your big day, the venue is usually the first major decision you need to make. Not only is it often the biggest expense, but it is often difficult to plan anything else until this has been finalized and your venue choice will often dictate the style of your wedding.

Venues come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and the search for the perfect one might seem a daunting take – so how do you know when you’ve hit the jackpot and found ‘the one’? Check out these pointers from Sarah Spreckley, Director at TLC Ltd to help you find the venue you’ve been looking for…

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Price tag

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Ensure you have a realistic budget in place before visiting your shortlisted venues – we all know that feeling when you see something you love only to then see the price tag and realise it is way over what you have to spend!


Make a list of your must=haves from a venue and stick to them! Once you know what the most important factors are in making your day happen, this will help shape the venue you opt for. Whether it’s having the ceremony and reception in the same place or a festival vibe that you yearn for – knowing what will make your day ‘yours’ will help make the decision a little easier.

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Enjoy the search! It’s rare to find the one straight away when searching for a partner and the same can be said for your venue. Book as many varied site visits as you can and relish the time spent exploring the options together – finding the right location doesn’t have to be a stressful experience if you learn from each visit.

First impressions

Choosing the right venue is like buying a house – you will know pretty much immediately if you can visualise spending your day with loved ones in a certain location, so trust your initial reaction.

The most important thing that you and your partner – how did you feel when you walked, do you see yourself in the venue, would your friends and family see ‘you’ in there? Your wedding venue will be where you’ll spend most (if not all) of your wedding day, so it’s essential that you’re head over heels in love with it.


Match your personality

Don’t forget that all the decisions you make about your day should ultimately reflect you and your personality so go with that gut instinct – you will know when you have found the one as you won’t be able to imagine spending your wedding day anywhere else.

TLC Ltd can find you your PERFECT wedding venue! Not got a clue what kind you want? Check out some of our real weddings for a bit of venue-inspiration…