Getting married is the biggest day of your life, and the bringing together of a pair in sumptuous surroundings – joined by joyful friends and family – always makes for an exciting, memorable and enjoyable day for all. But what should you do if you’re not content with country houses, church pews, and nippy, changeable weather? The answer is quite simple: you should wed in Florida!

The Sunshine State, flanking the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, is a perfect place for couples to get married, offering a matrimonial experience that is refreshing and enjoyable. Want to know more about what makes Florida is such a haven for newlyweds? Florida4Less reveal five reasons why you’ll want to get married in Florida…

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The weather is amazing

True to its nickname, Florida’s weather is one of its most amazing assets. While the amount received does depend on where in the state you get married, some areas enjoy up to 128 completely sunny days per year, with Apalachicola enjoying the most of the warm weather. Taking into account partly cloudy days, destinations such as Fort Myers experience 266 sunny days every single year, an enviable annual proportion that really increases the chances of having a bright and perfect wedding. You certainly don’t get that sort of certainty – or tropical conditions – here in the UK!

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Truly beautiful locations

Imagine getting married alongside the sound of lapping waves and chirping birds, all while golden sands wind their way between your toes. If that sounds like your idea of a heavenly wedding, then stop reading this article and head to Florida! There are a huge number of locations in the state that are fitting of a beach wedding, be it the white-sanded Destin Beach, or on one of the many islands that make up the picturesque Florida Keys. There are a host of other great locales across the state too. Glitzy Miami, the exciting and enjoyable Orlando, theme parks, lush gardens – Florida has wedding locations to fit every possible taste.

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There’s loads to do

While most weddings in the UK follow a pretty tried-and-tested format – meet up at a venue, hold the ceremony, have the reception, party until the small hours – a wedding in Florida can bring together all sorts of activities. Imagine enjoying some water sports, boating, whale or dolphin watching, diving, or a trip to the huge number of attractions that bless the state on your wedding day. Starting your honeymoon as speedily as possible is pretty desirable, allowing you to start enjoying your time together as a married couple!

It’s intimate

Weddings are pretty divisive events. After all, some couples strive to invite every relation, friend and acquaintance to their day, while others are content in a small, intimate gathering of their most-loved individuals. Although you could try and fly your entire extended family to Florida, chances are the sheer expense will ensure that your celebration is a smaller sort of gathering, which is obviously great news for those that want their special day to be theirs and theirs alone, far away from the stress and bustle that goes alongside organising and executing a huge event. If intimate, quiet ceremonies and receptions are what you want from your wedding, then Florida is perfect.

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Prices are low

If you’re getting married in the UK then the cost of hotel rooms, venue bookings, food, drink, and everything else needed for the wedding can quickly add up. Weddings are notoriously expensive but, strangely enough, being wed half way across the world could work out costing less than a domestic wedding. Goods and services are very cheap in Florida, especially when you use a provider such as Florida4Less. Alongside this, the sheer number of hotels, tour operators, and wedding services companies means that competition is high, dragging prices downwards. While the flights will be one of the most expensive portions of your time away, you’re likely to make huge savings back while you’re there. Pretty good for a tropical paradise!

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