With more couples now living together before tying the knot, alternative gift lists are becoming more and more popular.

Instead of opting for the traditional options, choosing Cancer Research UK‘s gift list is a meaningful way for your family and friends to help you celebrate your wedding. Here’s 5 reasons to choose a Cancer Research UK gift list…

Give in Celebration homepage

1) If you already live together, you may not want another toaster! Having a gift list which raises money for a cause close to your hearts is a special way to give something back on your big day.

2) Setting up a Give in Celebration page on the Cancer Research UK website is quick and easy to do. You can personalise your page with photos and let all your guests know why you are supporting Cancer Research UK.

3) It’s also easy for your friends and family to use. When they donate they can leave a message to appear on your page.

4) Guests can donate any amount they want so it’s suitable for all budgets.

5) By asking for donations instead of gifts, your wedding can help beat cancer sooner. Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research. Since 2005, couples who have set up a Give in Celebration page for Cancer Research UK have raised over £2.5 million, supporting vital research which has helped save millions of lives.

Lucy & Simon page

Visit giveincelebration.org.uk to find out more, and set up your page!


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