We’ve just spotted the gorgeous new collection of headbands from bridal accessory experts at Aye Do, and it got us thinking, why have bridal headbands become so popular over the recent years? Here’s why…

aye-do-headbands-OLIVIA HEADBAND (HDB1) 45.00- 1200 press

They make a statement

Headbands make an immediate statement without overpowering your look. Plus as they’re worn on the side of the head, it gives you that added wow factor as you turn around and your guests get a glimpse of it for the first time.

aye-do-headbands-HARRIET Headband - (HDB18) 87.00- 1200 press

They are more modern than tiaras

Unless you really want the traditional princess look, tiaras or crowns are out! Side headbands give you that bridal feeling minus the Disney vibe.

aye-do-headbands-ABIGAIL  FEATHER HEADBAND - IVORY 96.00 - 1200 press

They look vintage

Vintage looks are still going strong and a side headband encrusted with pearls and diamantés is the perfect accessory for this theme.

aye-do-headbands-ESTELLE Headband - GOLD (HDB19) 72.00 - 1200 press

They look good with updos and down dos

Whether you wear your hair up or down for the big day – or even change it half way through – a side headband will work no matter what style you choose.

aye-do-headbands-Nellie Headband SILVER HDB27 96.00-  1200 press

They can be worn afterwards

When are you going to wear a full-on tiara again? A side headband is a much more cost effective option and could easily be worn again to a special occasion, dresses down with an LBD.

aye-do-headbands-LILLIAN HEADBAND (HDB15) 84.00- 1200 press

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