Want your wedding to stand out from the crowd? Are you done with vintage? Try one of these quirky and unusual wedding themes from Strictly Tables and Chairs and really give your guests something to talk about!


Circus time

The circus theme has been rising in popularity ever since Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul married Lauren Parsekian in mid-2013. The highly publicized ceremony, which contained a Ferris wheel, a magic performance from David Blaine and candy floss stalls, has inspired people from all over the world to take this theatrical approach. Of course, you don’t have to take it as far as he did if you’d like to explore this theme; keeping to a red and yellow colour scheme and having circus themed performers instead of a live band would certainly suffice.



Steampunk is a combination of science fiction and Victorian and Edwardian style. Imagine Sherlock Holmes with futuristic gadgets and technology and you’ll start to get the idea. The steampunk genre is perfect if you want to stay true to British traditions, but also incorporate a little more originality. Get the women to wear corsets and the men to wear vintage suits and top hats. Remember the word steam, too – perhaps a smoke machine instead of confetti would be more appropriate when you exit the church?



A twist on the popular rustic theme, Scandinavian wedding themes are quite minimalist. Choose an old wooden venue – perhaps a barn or an old wooden church – long dark wooden tables at the reception and homemade centre pieces made from branches and pine cones gathered from the forest floor. Your hair, make-up and dress should be simple and fuss-free – a natural vibe should run throughout the whole celebration.



Interest in the rockabilly genre has been rising since 2010, due to an increased number of underground musical acts hitting the mainstream. The theme is perfect if you want to add a retro vibe to your wedding. Tell your guests to wear tight clothes that accentuate their curves; decorate tables with red and white checked cloths to give it the American diner feel; and most importantly, play a nice selection of rock ‘n’ roll classics from the likes of Elvis, Bill Haley and Jerry Lee Lewis.


Flower Power

Transport your guests back to the 1960s, man, with a chilled-out flower power theme. Hand out single stems of flowers for guests to wear in their hair and ask your wedding band to play everything from Hendrix to Joplin. Your bouquet could be bright and beautiful or a simple hand-tied arrangement of white daisies to complement your dress. The whole vibe should be laid back – that means no dress code, no seating plan and perhaps even no shoes!

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