Award-winning head designer of Rainbow Club, Diane Hassall, takes five minutes out of her hectic schedule to chat to us about how the latest bridal trends have influenced her latest collections…


“For me, 2013 has already been a fantastic year for bridal shoe trends,” says Diane. “So far, the most popular trends have been 1920s, vintage, boho, 1950s and sparkle and shine – all of which were incorporated in my designs for each of the six Rainbow Club collections.”



“I was excited by the 1920s trend as it allowed me to rework the essence of classic styles like the Mary Jane and T-Bar, using a contemporary edge. The trend focuses on delicate fabrics, beautiful embroidery and the romanticism of the 1920s.”

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“‘Miss Alice’ is my favourite 1920s-inspired design from the Hassall collection. Its dainty velvet tie and beautiful embroidered organza fabric epitomises the decadent era. Our ‘Anemone’ headdress, a statement piece encrusted with stunning diamanté and enamel, is great for those brides wanting only a hint of the roaring 20s.”



“The vintage trend is one that’s definitely here to stay. I’m a huge fan of this wedding trend and it’s one that’s very much associated with my design history and style.”


“The trend embodies lace, velvet and embroidered trims, which are paired with beading and pearls to create beautiful textures. We have many vintage inspired shoes in the Rainbow Club range. ‘Devotion’ from the Hassall collection layers pearls, diamanté and seed beads on top of fine lace to create a vintage design with a modern edge.”



“What you should expect to see from the Boho trend is soft materials and shapes, floral embroidery and unstructured looks.,” explains Diane.


“‘Blossom Time’ from the Hassall collection is a perfect medley of shapely curves and hand beaded velvet flowers that create the perfect look for a true bohemian bride. Another great accessory for achieving this ultra feminine look is ‘Pipit’, a delicate all-over lace wrap that is finished with soft ribbon ties.”


“This trend is all about the details, focusing on everything from the shape of the sling back to the buckles. Satin fabrics, skinny stilettos and the ‘short sharp point’ were huge elements of the 50’s bridal style.”


“These elements feature in shoes such as ‘Calicio’ from the Else collection; a beautiful sling back heel paired with a charming bow. During my design process, I drew inspiration from the iconic images of Hollywood, picturing the beautiful Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.”

Sparkle and shine

“The sparkle and shine trend has to be my favourite of 2013,” says Diane. “High shine, glossy fabrics and glitter have already dominated the bridal industry this year, with the expectation for it to continue well into 2014.”


“The Rainbow Club Shimmer Collection plays homage to this trend with designs like ‘Christie’ – a round-toe court that has beautiful silver shimmer overlays finished with a sparkle encrusted platform heel.”

What’s to come in 2014?

“I predict that the trends set to make a big impact in 2014 are the Downton factor (period drama glamour), pastel colours (rose pinks, nudes and baby blues), prints (polka dots and floral), and floral embroidery (a romantic take on a gothic style).”