Finding the right theme for your wedding can be a massive headache – especially when you and your soon-to-be spouse have different tastes.

In the interest of keeping the pre-wedding months civil, Victoria Benton from The Flash Pack, has come up with a list of the hottest wedding themes for 2016 so you and your betrothed can find some common ground.


Vintage nautical

Although vintage wedding themes have been a firm favourite for the last few years, 2016 will see this taken to the next level with more niche trends. For example, we’ll start to see the entire wedding based upon a particular reading, like the Owl and the Pussycat (pictured), which is becoming more popular as couples shy away from traditional love-based or religious musings, or perhaps a more nautical theme, like Titanic, that turns the usual into the more unusual. Suited to all seasons, you can easily incorporate this styling into every aspect of your wedding, whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor ceremony.

Fantastical wedding

What could be more outlandish and fun than stepping into the world of Alice in Wonderland, or maybe Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Whether you want to bring the Mad Hatter to your party, or would rather sample the sweet delights of Willy Wonka, the fantastical theme will help your wedding and the after party start and end with a bang (or poof of smoke). Bright colours, wonky decor and brash props make this a standout theme for 2016.

Get colourful!

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Our top tip for colour trends and theming for 2016 is all about being bold and brave with colour. It’s time to lose the pastel pinks and make your wedding pop. It’s all about making a big impact and sophisticated fun. This works really well with a Mexican themed wedding – think Mexican fiesta bunting, jars of colourful punch, colourful flower wreaths in your hair – or alternative wedding gowns that don’t necessarily fit to the white or ivory stereotypes.

Party decor

It’s goodbye to bunting (finally) and hello party. 2016 is the year of balloons, streamers and real plants as the centrepiece on tables. We’ve long been a fan of getting creative at weddings with colours and objects and we’re super-happy to see colour-coded props and peg boards making an appearance. It won’t lose that handmade feel though, so crafty-types, don’t fear. Feel free to add your personal touches to the entire experience and let your creativity run wild!


Feeling as though the vintage theme may be a bit too old-fashioned, but still looking to inject a bit of nostalgic fun into your big day? How about opting for a retro theme instead? Take a trip back to the 1950s and give your wedding a Grease-like feel, complete with diner-style food, multicoloured straws and maybe even hire a vending machine or bar to finish the venue off properly. Finish everything off with an Airstream photo booth and a retro looking enclosed photo booth – think Berlin photo mats – both can be set to print in vintage style old strips.


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