Our five favourite places all have their own take on romance so you have the freedom to create a wonderful honeymoon you’ll remember forever, for all the right reasons. With holiday rentals through HouseTrip, you can have an affordable and enjoyable honeymoon…


Thailand’s largest island is also one of the most romantic places in the world and, understandably, loved by honeymooners. But don’t let the popularity put you off; Phuket is every bit as beautiful in reality as it is on Instagram.

It’s incredibly glam and luxurious in an effortlessly Thai way – think beach massages, four poster day beds and ice-cold drinks before you even know you’re thirsty.

You can escape to almost deserted sands where nothing’s likely to disturb you expect the occasional beachcomber, or – at the right time of the year – a nesting turtle. Go sailing in stunning Phang Nga Bay round the dramatic karsts and be dropped off for a few hours solitude in a tiny, private cove.

Prettily restored Phuket Old Town is all character and colour and creativity. There are spas for relaxing and immense jungle to explore. Then, when you’re ready to venture out of your delightful couple-bubble, wider Phuket is waiting with miles of water sport on Bang Tao Beach, smart clubs and bars at chic Surin, as well as an entire west cost of wonderful night and day play.

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Alpha city Miami is all metropolis with a skyline to rival New York, relentless, bright-light energy and the busiest Chanel store on the planet. But it’s also beaches and blue seas, pretty groves and historic little Havana, the mysterious mangrove swamps, quaint seaside districts, world-class art galleries, yoga on the waterfront and free symphony concerts.

Visit the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) on a Sunday afternoon after a morning on South Beach – it’s what the locals do and sandals are fine. Make a holiday habit of carbs for breakfast in no frills, but fantastic, Cuban cantinas. Shop the Design District and Bal Harbour.

Hire a car and visit the Everglades or take a road trip to the wild and lovely Florida Keys. Make time to ogle the opulent estates and unimaginable wealth at Palm Beach. And any spare minutes you find yourself with, use them to stroll along Miami Beach Boardwalk: an iconic romantic experience in a city full of them.



We love Venice for the lagoons and the islands, and we’d forgive Paris for anything for views from Montmatre. But when it comes to sheer romance our hearts belong to Florence – especially in spring.

The Tuscan light is wonderful and it’s an ideal time to explore the countryside, see the magnificent Medici Villas and try a luxurious day spa – or two. The city itself is blissfully warm but not summer humid, and almost everywhere is queue free!

Visit Galleria dell’ Accademia for Michelangelo’s David – more immense and moving than you can possibly imagine. Spend hours in the Uffizi. Discover Renaissance intrigue on a secret Palazzo Vecchio tour. Climb Brunelleschi’s Suomo at your own pace – it’s one of the world’s greatest architectural masterpieces and the view is stunning.

Wander around pretty classic gardens and have dinner in local restaurants, visit markets and stroll beautiful bridges. Florence is flawless, and we can almost promise that if it’s your honeymoon destination, you’ll return every anniversary too. And this graceful Florentine apartment would always be a perfect place to stay!



Nearly two millennia ago, Roman Emperor Diocletian first laid eyes on the tranquil beauty of the Dalmation Coast and found it irresistible. He stayed, built his palace and created Split, one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Croatia – not a country short of romance or beauty.

Diocletian’s inspired architecture is the historic heart of Split, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a lovely place to eat, drink and shop in this fascinating city. You’ll also find one of Europe’s liveliest and smartest city beaches here, for playing on during the day and admiring from the chic Riva Promenade on warm Mediterranean evenings.

More gorgeous beaches stretch right along the Makarska Riviera to the east. And if you feel like sailing, Split is where to catch a ferry to the famously enchanting Croatian islands. Whether you want a beach holiday with nothing more pressing on your mind than where to eat dinner, or if you’re passionate about art and history, love a walk or to climb and hike, Split has everything.



The loveliest resort on Turkey’s Turquoise Riviera has to be beautiful Bodrum. While it’s not the fishing village that it was decades ago, it’s one of the few places on the Meditteranean that’s managed to grow chic and elegant without losing its traditional charm.

Palm-lined promenades, white beaches, tranquil bays and pretty, whitewashed buildings are just as you imagine they should be. Local restaurants and brilliant bars serve wonderful fresh fish and seafood.

An artistic and literary community that’s been thriving here since mid-20th century adds an easy-going bohemian atmosphere. Plus, if you want to spend the occasional day away from flawless sands and impossibly blue/green sea, the countryside is spectacular. From ancient Roman ruins to hot springs, hillwalking and climbing, coastal treks and forest hikes, Bodrum is as active or restful as you need.


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