Congratulations! You’ve booked your wedding photographer and are now one step closer to seeing your dream day come to fruition – (excitement is an understatement!) Whilst photographers understand how brides are busy people and the reason they have placed the trust of capturing their story in the safe hands of the professionals, there are just a few considerations to bare in mind that are paramount but are often overlooked in the busy lead up. Kayleigh Adams (Photography), charming Cotswolds-based Wedding Photographer, visionary organiser and big day enthusiast (as well as fellow university friend!) has hi-lighted for us from her wealth of experience some preparatory ideas (and reassurances!) to ensure you can enjoy your day to the maximum. And in turn take away the best possible captured photographs with vision that in years to come the details of moments you forgot about… will make their way back to you!

Savour YOUR day! – not somebody else’s

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Ironically, one of the most important things to remember and a real encouragement of Kayleigh’s whilst documenting the day, is to forget her existence – almost completely! Apart from a few traditional if you like or customary group shots (which would be discussed and noted by Kayleigh beforehand) she will do well to blend in with the festivities in order to catch the opportunities that show you as natural as possible. The composition for a wedding to be captured through a series of images has shifted to focus on the photographers ability to stage the emotion and story with the subject oblivious and totally absorbed by the day! (and of course by your new husband or wife!) – after all we are all there for the both of you.

The ‘centre of attention panic sprint’ down the aisle

The moment you take your last steps as ‘Miss’ down the aisle, whether you like the attention averted to you or not, this is undoubtedly a surreal and truly poignant walk not only for the bride but the loved ones who want to admire and see you happy or emotional (usually a mix of the two!) as you make your way to greet your imminent husband-to-be. And where capturing these emotions on camera are concerned, for Kayleigh the key is timing and pace! Although you may feel like you are going backwards, in her experience we cant stress enough to all our brides how your pace will effect the outcome and range of photography opportunities taken.


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As much as a slice of time for your guests and your partner to admire the vision of you in your tumbling white waves, you should take this time yourself to reflect and take in how u feel too! Take in your surroundings and show the expression in your face gravitating towards the only other face in the room that does and should matter at that precise moment. Smile!- feel emotion, enjoy the music you chose and why you both chose it! Put simply, the slower you walk the more time you have to take in this magical milestone and more to the point, precious time for Kayleigh to capture you in awe of it all!

Have the time on hand at all times!

Quite possibly the most obvious and silly of reminders for an event dictated usually by impeccable organisation months in advance to the big day… However, we know better than anyone how time can run away. That is why small details like making sure the venue/house you and your bridal party will be getting ready at, has a clock in front of you so that you are always aware and aiming to be ahead of your schedule!


As far as photography is concerned, keeping within allocated time and even a little to spare will encourage a relaxed atmosphere among the bridal group and enable Kayleigh to capture you relishing in your transformation and the definite sense of excitement building through her series of pre-ceremony photos which are a beautiful contrast of informality, comfortability and seemingly unposed for.

Confetti is a biggy!

The notorious confetti shot is a classic ritual for the closure of any wedding ceremony! An absolute must and favourite of Kayleigh’s to draw personality from, making each and every one of her real wedding shoots unexampled and intimate to their story. Capturing the perfect confetti strewn couple can be achieved easily with a bit of good old team work and direction by Kayleigh herself when it comes to throwing! Although the soft fluttering motion of the confetti is sure to follow the newlyweds as they take their first steps as husband and wife, the best shots will have the bride and groom stationary and the guests throw all together into the air above.

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More importantly, the inevitable finite fall that comes with confetti whether you have chosen paper or petal confetti determines that naturally the higher it can be thrown vertically (not horizontally) the longer Kayleigh will have to snap away your momentary magical blizzard! – Kayleigh will be sure to unite her technical skill and vision for composition to hi-light in one composition a balance between you and your hubby! (the stationary subject) and paint a sense of motion amidst the flurry of color!

Setting up camp for ‘unexpected moments’

It seems crazy today how effectively public speaking and public displays of affection put the fear of god into newly weds and their loved ones at their own wedding! – The one day in which you are totally allowed to open up, cry, laugh, dance outrageously, embarrass your kids and be embarrassed by your parents, best man and bridesmaid! For all of these priceless moments, Kayleigh particularly wants to show preparation (discretely) not only for the expected, but the unexpected surprises along the way.


By giving her the heads up on any secret details that may later be an unravelling surprise right in front of the bride and/or Groom’s eyes, Kayleigh can be in prime position with the appropriate equipment better suited to the execution and photography subject in order to capture a sure picture moment that you will definitely want to look back and remember!

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