Creating an interactive wedding day has never been easier! Get your guests involved and share the love and emotions of the big day instantly with these top tips from supplier specialists Guides for Brides…


Set up a blog

Why not set up your own blog for people to follow as your special day approaches? You can not only use it for giving people little sneak peeks and insights into the crazy world of wedding planning, you can also encourage guests to send you messages, photos and memories, especially helpful if you’re looking at ways to involve people in your speeches.

Interactive invitations and save the dates

Film your invitation and put it on YouTube, then ask your guests to RSVP by creating their own video reply. Keep your guests in the wedding-planning loop and create teaser videos for your friends and family, that will build up to the celebration.

Tweet it!

Set up your own Twitter account for the big day and ask a tech-savvy guest to document the day with your very own hash tag. Ask your guests and those who are sharing your day virtually, to send you messages of congratulations and love.

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You could set up a projector in your reception room so that tweets are streamed live. Just make sure that any rude ones are filtered out for Grandma.


Instant memories

Encourage your guests to document your day with their mobile phones and post them to various social-media sites

Snap-happy guests are more than willing to get their phone out and start taking pictures. They get to feel like they’re a big part of your day and you can relive some funny and memorable photographs with your groom at the end of the evening.

Create an event and venue check in on Facebook ahead of your big day, so your guests can announce when they’ve ‘checked in’ to your wedding venue.

Stream it!

If you’re planning a wedding abroad or if you want to share your big day with overseas family members, then why not stream your big day over the internet?

Wedding Ideas favourites Red Shell media specialise in streaming weddings and events live across the internet. ‘Wedcasting’ has the added bonus of allowing you to be a bit more picky when choosing your wedding guests, especially if you’re planning a small, intimate wedding.

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