Confetti isn’t just for throwing over a newly married couple, there is so much more you can do with it. Shropshire Petals share 5 ways in which you can maximise your natural petal confetti.

Long gone are the times when guests bring along a box of coloured paper shapes to throw, couples now prefer to supply their own confetti to ensure it stays in keeping with their wedding and use it for more than just the celebration after they say I do. Shropshire Petals Scrabble - Love

Petal paths

Create a sense of romance during your wedding ceremony by walking down an aisle of petals. Place small jars of flowers or even candles down either side of what will be your petal path to create the outline. Then scatter your choice of natural petal confetti in between to make a pretty petal path. You can make the path as dense or as light as you want, depending on how you want it to look. If a petal path is too much, why not have your flower girls walk in front of you down the aisle scattering petals from a basket as they go. Petal Path from £11.50 per litre (3)

Confetti word table

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Set up a table at your reception with a crisp white table cloth and jars of different coloured confetti. Make a sign to ask your guests to make messages out of confetti and ask them to take a photograph with disposable cameras or a polaroid left on the table – this is a great alternative for a guest book. Clementine petals £15.95 per litre

Photo booth

Leave a container full of confetti next to your photo booth for guests to play with when having photos taken. This is fun and you will have some fantastic photos of your guests – who said confetti was just for the bride and groom! Girls playing with colourful confetti from £11.50 per litre

Table decorations

Natural petal confetti is perfect for using to decorate tables. You can add a subtle hint of colour or a bold colour splash depending on what else you have on your tables. If you have plain flowers or even a wheat sheaf and you want to brighten up your reception tables, add some colourful large petals such as rose or hydrangea. Smaller petals such as delphiniums look fantastic either scattered all over or in a circle around your centrepieces. Cream Rose and Lavender Wheat Sheaf £25 and Summer Nights Confetti £11.50 per litre (2)

DIY wedding favours

Natural petal confetti can be used to make your own DIY wedding favours such as beautiful bath bombs or candles. Select your favourite recipe and add confetti to match your wedding theme. You can even add a delicate fragrance to finish them off. Petal Bath Bomb Step 8 2 Bombs

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