5 Essential Skincare Tips For An A-list Glow On Your Big Day

Celebrity Facialist Cherry Woods, loved by broadcasters, brides-to-be and beauty fans is known for her break-through anti-ageing treatments. Cherry reveals 5 of her best beauty hacks to boost your confidence and help you to achieve the A-List style glow you deserve on your big day!

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Cherry Woods Skin Clinic

Feel the peel

I would highly recommend a gentle salon peel in the Winter to prepare your skin. Because your skin’s behaviour is affected by stress, it’s best to visit a trusted Facialist a couple of months in advance and work with them to get the best results. I’m a big fan of low PH in-salon peels, which can be repeated weekly over three to four weeks for maximum benefits. I’ve just introduced the Epionce Corrective Peel (£95) which can be adjusted and adapted for all skin types and most skin conditions. It tightens, lightens, repairs and refines open pores and wrinkles and is also good for acne prone skin.

Protect yourself

A good sunblock will keep your skin protected from not only the sun, but also wind, rain and temperature changes. A quality sunblock will actually seal-in the moisture of your moisturiser to help it last all day. I use sunblock all year round, and prefer a lightweight formula for a dewy, tone. My favourite is Epionce Ultra Shield Lotion SPF 50 which contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for an instant foundation-free glow.

5 Essential Skincare Tips For An A-list Glow On Your Big Day

Invest in the best

There’s a reason expert Facialists like myself recommend salon brands and treatments, and use them ourselves. Non-salon products available on the high street often have low activity levels to avoid any issues with sensitivity, while salon products provide more active ingredients that have higher concentrations. The other crucial difference between self-selecting in store and visiting a salon is that with the latter you can benefit from a therapist guided consultation, to get products that are specific to YOUR skin.

Keep calm

Inflammation is the cause of many skin conditions and disorders, so keeping the skin cool and calm during the lead-up to your wedding is fundamental in reducing red, blotchy patches (as well as the effects of ageing). Positive lifestyle changes reduce inflammation, such as cutting down your caffeine and alcohol intake. Spritz your skin with a soothing product such as my favourite Eminence Chamomile Toner or the handy handbag sized Evian Water Sprays.

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Work from the inside out

Invest in Vitamin C oral supplements and crank these up in the lead up to your special day to help stimulate your fibroblastic activity. This helps promote collagen production, which is key to skin repair and support . Add a good oral skin omega complex to your supplement regime too. This will help support the skins immunity, combat dehydration and reduce the blotchy redness associated with the hot summer months.

Essential Skincare tips


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