Keeping older children happy on your big day can be somewhat of a challenge, but Pots of Fun are the professionals when it comes to understanding how this age group tick. Here are some wedding entertainment ideas that they can bring along to maximize ‘smile satisfaction’ for nine to 12 year olds…

Old-fashioned board games

Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Draughts, Chess, Monopoly and Guess Who, to name but a few. These fantastic family favourites are played with a group of children and, wherever possible, a member of staff who oversees the game, as well as injecting extra fun into the proceedings. The object of the game, more often than not, becomes to beat ‘Miss’ at the game.

Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are a must for this age group. Producing a number of handmade items relating to the wedding that they can take home always goes down well. We supply a large selection of craft activities such as badge making, door hanging signs, wooden craft boxes, drawing, scratch art and wooden spoon puppets.

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Active games

Hoopla Hoops, Skittles, Blind Man’s Buff, Bubble Disco, Hall Games, What’s The Time Mr. Wolf, British Bull Dog, I dropped My Keys are all huge favourites when it comes to more active games. These games can be played anywhere… Great if it starts raining and you have to move proceedings inside.

Throwback games

Older children love to return to games they had when they were younger. Play-Doh is always the outright winner here! They get great pleasure from kneading, stretching and molding the Play-Doh; it’s a very calming activity in fact. On top of this, they can then produce a model of their own design, which is incredibly rewarding for the child, providing tons of conversation, laughter and joking around as a result.


Story time

Story time with Pots of Fun has a twist – we like to turn the emphasis to the children whereby they become the storytellers. A member of staff begins, stopping at an appropriate point to encourage a child to continue the story. They then go on to create their own part, stopping again to give another child the chance to continue, and so on, until the story finally comes to an interesting end. The imagination and creativity of each child is wonderful and never fails to entertain both the other children and the staff alike!

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