Picking the group of girls who will join you on your wedding journey is tricky business, says Hannah Wilkinson.

Before you jump straight in and ask your closest friends to do the honours, check they don’t fall into one of these dreaded categories…


The drama queen

We all know this girl and she’s definitely not bridesmaid material! Not only does she love herself way too much but she constantly needs to shine in the spotlight. If you think she’ll change for your wedding, think again.

The worst part is that she’s almost certainly expecting to be asked, so make sure you find a different way of keeping her busy on the day.

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The unhappy singleton

While most of your friends will be happy for you, it won’t be surprising if one of your single friends isn’t ecstatic at the news. Weddings can be depressing for people who aren’t loved up, so steer clear of asking the jealous, single friend to be your bridesmaid.

Not only will it make her more upset about her own situation, but she’ll probably cause unnecessary drama for everyone with her bitter attitude. Your bridesmaids need to be happy for you and excited to be part of your day, not a burden on the whole party.


The party animal

She might be one of your closest mates and have amazing planning skills but it’s really important to consider what your party animal friend be like on the big day, too. If she can’t hold her drink, loves dancing on tabletops and will inevitably tell everyone your secrets and embarrassing stories, then she’s probably not the best girl for the job.

If you still want her to be part of the wedding, tell her your concerns. Her reaction will give you a good indication as to whether she deserves to be your bridesmaid!


The obsessive organiser

Unless you’re completely clueless about planning your wedding, don’t ask your obsessive friend to take the bridesmaid seat! She’s sure to take all control and will ultimately create her ideal wedding, not yours.

Not everyone’s 100% clear on what they want when they start planning but you should never let someone talk you into something you’re not entirely sure about.

The joker

While she’s great on a night out, she probably isn’t going to make the best bridesmaid. Not only will her jokes get old, but she probably won’t be putting in the effort to help you with your plans.

There’s definitely nothing worse than someone who won’t take you seriously!


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