Not a fan of a traditional cake – or simply don’t want to splurge on something that may not even get eaten?! Don’t be afraid to stray from the traditional wedding cake – with so many options out there right now, here are 11 fantastic alternatives to a wedding cake.

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The stacked wedding cake originated in a medieval tradition whereby individual cakes were stacked up as high as possible, and the bride and groom were asked to kiss over the top of it. A successful kiss – without the cakes tumbling down – meant a happy marriage.

11 Brilliant Alternatives to A Wedding Cake

These days, though, with weddings more expensive than ever, and many couples veering away from tradition, finding an alternative to a traditional wedding cake is something that’s becoming much more popular.

So, we spoke to wedding experts Lake District Country House Hotels who revealed their nine favourite alternatives to a traditional wedding cake.

Cheese Wheel

A charcuterie board is one of the most delightful feasts to those who favour savoury over sweet, and works particularly well during an autumn or winter wedding.

If you still want to have the imagery of a tiered cake, layer up some cheese wheels and add intricacy to the design by hanging waterfalls of grapes over the edges. An array of cheese is sure to keep all your guests happy – you could even consider having a cheese fondue fountain!

Macaroon Tower

This is a great option for every guest to enjoy a sweet treat. With no need to faff around with the cutting or plates like you would with a cake, guests can simply help themselves.

Another brilliant element of this option is how adaptable it can be. Each tier could be a different pastel hue to maintain a minimalistic look – or, if your style is more bold, vivid and bright colours like fuchsia and violet are great options.

Crêpe Stack

This crêpe stack looks fabulous and is guaranteed to taste great when served with either savoury or sweet fillings, from cheese and mushrooms to strawberries and syrup – so, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Layer up different sized crêpes to create the tiered look – and instead of cutting the cake with your partner, you could both pour golden syrup onto the tower!

Croquembouche Tower


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What is a croquembouche? This deliciouos dessert is made up of choux puff pastry filled with cream and coated in caramel – so even if your guests can’t pronounce the name, they’ll definitely enjoy eating it!

If you are looking for an alternatives to a wedding cake this is a great option as it can easily be adorned with delicate spun sugar or different sauces to make it more specific to your taste.

Biscuit Stand


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Who doesn’t love a biscuit? In fact, the average Brit will eat 11 biscuits every week, so a biscuit tower instead of the traditional wedding cake will undoubtedly go down a treat with your guests.

Decorate them with the initials of you and your partner in dainty icing or leave a classic chocolate chip plain.

Champagne Tower

If you’re not into sweet treats at all, a champagne tower is an immensely fun option that will also look beautiful as shimmering liquid streams down into the crystal glasses.

Champagne tower kits are easy to rent and set up for an exciting and vibrant alternative to a wedding cake.

A Donut Wall

This is a tasty – and very Instagrammable – option for your special day. A donut wall has become super popular as of late, and is a perfect choice to entertain kids at your wedding, as well as offering several customisable options.

Fresh Fruit Waterfall

If you’re a health nut, a huge fruit display is a pretty – and healthy – way for your guests to enjoy something sweet post-dinner.

Display them in a large dish or cascading down a multi layered stand among a flower arrangement; the vibrant colours would look particularly beautiful against the backdrop of a summer wedding.

Brownie Stack


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Is there anything better than a stack of chocolate brownies? We don’t think so – and for your wedding, why not customise them with the couple’s initials in icing, offer different brownie flavours or stack them alongside macaroons for the ultimate tower?

This is also the perfect choice if you want to ensure your wedding cake can be eaten by all through catering for different diets, as you could easily offer dairy-free, gluten free and vegan versions.

Naked Cakes

5 alternative wedding cake ideas for your big day - ditch the boring fruit cake for something you (and your guests) will really love! Click here for the ideas

Not a fan of fondant icing? Choose a naked cake instead and fill your layers with delicious buttercream or chocolate ganache.

Decorate with fresh fruit or ask your florist to supply a few extra blooms to go on top, naked cakes will complement summer and rustic weddings perfectly.

Cupcake Towers

5 alternative wedding cake ideas for your big day - ditch the boring fruit cake for something you (and your guests) will really love! Click here for the ideas

Match the cases and decoration to your wedding venue and theme and enjoy the ease and simplicity of serving a cupcake tower wedding cake. Don’t worry, you can still share that special moment cutting a cupcake and taking the first bite.

We love the idea of serving your wedding cupcakes as part of the dessert course. This idea would also work well with other small bakes like doughnuts or cake pops!

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