It’s finally on Sale for our beautiful new JUNE issue and we’re beaming about it! Our theme for this month is… Oh happy day! Making sure everything is planned to perfection to allow the free flow of a completely stress-free and enjoyable wedding day for YOU and your guests! – After all, being happy on your big day is what its all about! In our June issue you can expect to find our best tips yet for ways to keep your guests happy so you can relax and focus on your day without worrying about everyone else!


It goes without saying you will want your guests to remember your wedding forever. Here’s how to do it with a sneak preview from our JOYFUL JUNE issue! Be sure to pick up your copy of this months bigger and better issue to read the rest of our helpful hints for keeping your guests happy, happy, happy!

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5 guest happy tips from the JUNE issue!

Go all sentimental

It would be pretty incredible if you could wear your mum and Grandma’s dress, but if that’s not possible, why not take part of a special dress and incorporate it into your own outfit? Or have the same bouquet recreated…people love a story behind your outfit!

 It’s a Winner

Give guests favours that are useful or even might be an instant win, like lotto scratch cards. We have heard numerous weddings where guests have won money on the day!

 Order of the day

Do keep your guests informed about what’s happening, when…You’ll be amazed how people like to be organised, and they will enjoy themselves much more if they know where they are meant to be and when. Use blackboards or even little cards to map out the schedule.

Comfy Feet

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Provide slippers or pumps in a big basket next to the dance floor so those heels can be kicked off and the dancing can commence and continue into the small hours!

The young Ones

Activity packs, hired nannies, a separate room for snoozing in… Keep your young guests happy and their parents will be happy,too. If you really really want to please those parents, hire babysitters so that they can let their hair down when the children have had enough!

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READ ON… In our brand new June issue for all 40 ways to keep your guests happy!