Here at Wedding Ideas we love showing you how to get your dream day for less, but there are certain things that you just shouldn’t skimp on. Here are four must-haves that you simply can’t be without.

Your wedding dress

You’re six years old. You’d struggle to tie your own shoelaces at the moment but you know exactly how many sequins you’re having on your wedding dress.

Remember this?! It upsets us when we hear horror stories from brides who chose to risk buying their wedding dress from an online seller. We have so many calls from brides who have been let down by an internet supplier, receiving a dress in a condition not at all as described or how they’d pictured.

Every bride deserves the one-on-one attention they will receive visiting a bridal store. It’s the most important item of clothing you’ll ever buy: make a day of it – make a week of it! It’s an experience you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Your perfect venue

Finding the perfect venue is like finding the perfect pair of shoes: they should fit beautifully straight away!

Just as influential as the dress, your venue will say a lot about the type of wedding you are having. Not only is it the backdrop for your photos – the pictures you’ll cherish for a whole lifetime – but the venue also acts as a prompt for your guests: it sets the scene and will give them a hint of the day to come.

When searching for venues, couples often comment that ‘the one’ hit them like a thunderbolt. It fitted their theme perfectly; it accommodated all of their guests; the grounds were stunning and it ticked all the right boxes. Don’t be tempted to compromise on the venue. It will add to that sense of ‘specialness’ by marking your big day out as something unique and memorable. It’s the venue that helps to set apart a wedding from a run-of-the-mill party.

A fab photographer

It’s great when friends help out and take some pictures on the big day. Disposable cameras on the tables are a brilliant idea and it’s these pics on your big day that can be some of your favourite mementos. But make sure your one lasting and tangible memory of the day is in the hands of a professional photographer.

Choose someone with a wealth of experience and someone you feel at home with. Look for a photographer who will provide you with a DVD of your images and allow you to do your own reprints. This way, you will have the images forever and could get back in touch with your photographer in the future to discuss album options.

Gastronomical delights

If Jamie, Marco and Gordon are all unexpectedly unavailable, never fear – there are some delicious taste-bud treats out there!

Hugely important, the food on your big day will play a big part of your guests opinions about your wedding. Hungry or dissatisfied guests are a big no-no. Treat your guests to a gastronomical delight. And it doesn’t have to be super fancy, either – bangers and mash is always a winner – just make sure that there will be enough for everyone.