So the weather is improving – finally – and this is a great motivator for summer brides to enjoy the great outdoors and work out in the fresh air, but it’s important to modify your workout routine for warmer weather. These top tips from Capital Physio, an Official London Marathon Injury Clinic 2015, are a great starting point…


Water, water everywhere

It’s a common misconception that drinking immediately before and during activity is enough to keep you hydrated. In fact, many fitness fans are unaware they begin training in a dehydrated state. To avoid this, incorporate fluid intake throughout the day and look out for signs of dehydration. Staying hydrated will enhance post-workout recovery by reducing the effect of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and expelling the waste products that have built up during your training session.


Timing is everything

Be sensible when it comes to workout times and if at all possible, choose to exercise outdoors in either early morning or early evening. Don’t be tempted to suddenly take on a mammoth run at lunchtime for the first time in months because the sun is out and it looks appealing. Instead, allow your body to acclimatise to summer by gradually upping your workouts during cooler times of day.

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Kit yourself out

It’s helpful to modify your clothing and footwear in line with changing seasons. In summer, choose breathable active wear to prevent your body overheating and ensure your footwear is appropriate for your individual foot structure and running style. Many runners risk injury due to a combination of high impact exercise and shoes that do not sufficiently meet their requirements. Gait analysis is a great way of establishing an individual’s movement to find their perfect shoe and increase running efficiency. Capital Physio offers an affordable biomechanics and orthotics service that can maximise performance and help avoid unnecessary injury.


Keep up the good work

Maintenance is vital when it comes to keeping your body workout ready all year long, especially if you’re increasing the frequency or intensity of workouts for summer. Always stretch before and after workouts, increasing your range of movement and reducing tension and resistance in your muscle tissue. You may also wish to consider adding regular sports massage appointments into your routine in order to aid both preparation and recovery.


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