All brides know that a beautiful cake is a show-stopping part of any wedding reception.

However, there are many clever ways to make sure you can still have the wedding of your dreams without spending a fortune. We catch up with the English Cheesecake Company to find out how can you cut the costs of your cake without compromising on the quality.

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wedding cheesecake

Two may be cheaper than one

This is a budget-savvy technique for large weddings with over 100+ guests. All you have to do is to supplement the picture-perfect display wedding cake with another sheet cake, which is usually much cheaper and can cut the per-person cost in half. In case you’re worried that your guests may notice, why not decorate both cakes in the same design and icing?

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Don’t forget, not everyone eats the cake, so for a wedding of 200, you can easily reduce the size to 170.

Make cake the dessert course

Dispense with a separate dessert course and simply present the wedding cake as your dessert, together with tea and coffee to end the meal. The English Cheesecake Company’s wedding cheesecakes and chocolate fudge cakes double up as a spectacular dessert and provide a unique alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

Give it away as a favour

“Why not kill two birds with one stone by giving little sweet treats away when your guests leave the party?” says the English Cheesecake Company’s Chief Baker, Tamara Jones. “Our cheesecake minis and cheesecake cupcakes are the perfect gift your guests can take away with them as a little memorabilia that, if eaten within a few days, can conjure up the good memories from the wedding day.”

Wedding cupcakes

The tiers equal your cost

The higher you go, the higher the price of the tiers so it’s best to keep the number of tiers to a minimum, or opt for a display of several one-tier cakes on stands of varying height. Well, unless you order your cakes from the English Cheesecake Company where the silver chrome stands as well as the silver boards are already included in the cost of your wedding cake. Sorted!

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