If your man is an adrenaline junkie looking for something a little bit more adventurous than a night on the tiles, stag and hen specialists Redseven have got some hair-raising stag night ideas for you…


The Bull Run

Available to stags in Madrid, this event takes the bull by the horns and pits the guys against some terrifying beasts. Running with the bulls is one of the most famous events in Europe,  and it’s a sensational idea for a stag party. Redseven’s specially-organised event is a lot safer than the original running of the bulls in Pamplona. The event is steeped in tradition and the experiences on offer come with either a mentor or a tutor to ensure both your safety, as well as that of the animals.

This is a great way to embrace the culture of another country in a completely fun and novel way. Events come with a Spanish meal, so your groom will have enough energy to get out of the way of the horns!

Bungee run

If the groom is a big kid at heart, this classic event will take him right back to his childhood. Now he and his mates are all ‘grown up,’ no doubt there’ll be an added element of competition. The point of the event is to run as far as possible before the bungee hurls you backwards. In the process, the competitors have to place a baton as far along the belt as possible. The bouncy castle arena makes the going unstable as the guys run for the end, and this will inevitably tee up some quality tumbles. As ever, drink responsibly.

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Sumo Wrestling

This fun-fuelled event pits fellow stag group members against each other.  The guys are separated into two teams and thrown into head-to-head competition. The winning team will be determined by the amount of wins they get under their extremely large belts. In some locations you can theme your evening with a trip to a Japanese restaurant, where sake will undoubtedly be on the menu.

The Kidnap

Before we start, you need to know how the stag will react to pull this one off. If he’s ever stitched anyone up in any way though, then this is the comeback to top all comebacks. Available in Eastern Europe, the event involves a group of ‘soldiers’ ambushing the group and hijacking the stag, and whoever else is in the dark, at (fake) gun point and bundling them into the back of a van, where they are then taken off to a derelict prison. After some intimidation through mock torture, they reveal the hoax and let everyone go.

An alternative scenario is where the stag is handcuffed and a bag is thrown over his head. He’s then bundled into the back of a car and taken away. When they stop, he is walked into a building where he is then chained to a pole. The bag is then removed to reveal a lap dance club and the rest of the group, who are probably pretty happy with themselves by this point.

These are pretty extreme scenarios, so here at Wedding Ideas we think it would be best to drop a few subtle hints to the groom beforehand, so at least he knows ‘something’ is going to happen. This is not for the faint-hearted, but that’s the whole point of these scary alternatives.

For more information on these great themed events, and to see more, visit Redseven today or take a look at our Stag section now!