The chances are that you’ve hired a professional wedding photographer or videographer to cover your big day, but there’s nothing stopping you taking your own pictures or videos! Here are some fun and unique ideas to get your guests involved in documenting your celebration.

Secret cameras

We were blown away this unique idea – hide your hidden camera on your person, and film the whole day as you see it! Go Pro cameras take film with a real difference, it’s very realistic and makes the viewer really feel as if they are there in the action.

We love this bride who put a GoPro camera in her wedding bouquet to record her big day.

Photobooth fun

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We love a good wedding photobooth! It’s not only a great way to capture your guests having fun but it’s also a popular way to entertain them during your reception.

You’ll be amazed at how a photobooth makes even the shyest person come out of their shell! Put a box of props alongside the photobooth and encourage people to be a bit more outrageous.

Your guests can keep a copy of the photographs and you can also get a second copy to stick in your guestbook alongside their message.

The Appy Couple App

This is a great app to use on your wedding day. Go to Appy Couple, request an invitation code and once you have your app set up, your guests can download Appy Couple and sign in to your wedding account. They can upload pictures from their smart phones, view maps and get event details of your big day.

Even overseas guests can follow your big day, with pictures streamed from your wedding. We think Appy Couple is chic, social and FUN! Best of all, it’s totally FREE, so download it today!

Spy kids on the loose

We really like these Spynet Stealth Video Glasses. They are a great way to entertain kids aged 7+ on your wedding day while getting them involved in the action.

The wearer puts them on and can then take films and photos without anyone knowing! Although they look like sunglasses, there’s a hidden camera built in so the wearer can record up to 20 minutes of video or take an incredible 2000 photos, all in complete secret.

If you’ve got guests who fancy themselves as the next James Bond, then these are perfect. We think they would make a great gift for young attendees and once the surveillance session is over, you just download the images to a computer using the USB connector and take a look at what they’ve been snooping at.