4 Easy Exercises To Tone Arms.

Where we get your arms wedding ready with a series of quick and easy exercises to do in the lead up to your big day!

4 easy exercises to tone arms.

Your wedding day is approaching, and of course you are going to want to look and feel your most amazing best. Trainer Georgia Johns understands this perfectly, because she is planning her own wedding too! “As a bride to be, you probably want to focus on exercising and toning different parts of your body than you normally would…

Something women always ask me about is how to get rid of ‘bingo wings’, so I’m going to give you my top tips and exercises to tone and tighten those triceps. Here are some of my favourite ways to prepare your arms. Don’t forget the key to all good health and good skin is to drink lots of water. Staying hydrated can help reduce cellulite and maintain the elasticity of your skin along with a healthy diet and these exercises!”

Tricep Extensions

Your triceps are the back of your upper arm, often called ‘bingo wings’ by some ladies! Start by holding a weight in both hands above your head, making sure your back doesn’t arch. Keeping your elbows towards the front, lower the weight down behind your head by bending your elbows. On an exhale, extend your arms back to straight and squeeze through your triceps. Repeat for four sets of 15 repetitions. Bye-bye bingo wings!

4 easy exercises to tone your arms

Tricep Dips

Put your hands behind you on the floor or chair with your fingers pointing towards you. Keeping your hips lifted and elbows pointing back, bend your elbows to lower into the dip and exhale to straighten back up. The further your feet are from your body, the harder it is. Repeat for three sets of 10.

4 easy exercises to tone your arms

4 easy exercises to tone your arms by Georgia Johns

Press Ups

Now before you panic, there are two options for a press up – full or from the knees. Full – start in a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders. As you bend your arms to lower yourself into the press up, make sure your stomach is tight so your back doesn’t arch. Exhale as you extend your arms to push back up. Knees – exactly the same as full but instead of straight legs your knees are bent on the floor. Repeat for 3 sets of 10.

4 easy exercises to tone your arms by Georgia Johns4 easy exercises to tone your arms by Georgia Johns

Bicep Curls

Start holding the weight in both hands, with your arms straight down. Keeping your shoulders down and elbows close to your body, lift the kettlebell up to your chest by bending your elbows and squeezing the arms. Straighten your arms to lower back to starting position, making sure your back doesn’t arch. Repeat for four sets of 15.

4 easy exercises to tone your arms by Georgia Johns

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