Virtual wedding films come to the UK!

Always Forever are a brand new service provider of virtual wedding films.

Relive your special day in a way a conventional film simply can't and from a new view point every time with these immersive 360˚ virtual wedding films

“As a professional filmmaker, friends and family often ask for me to film bits and bobs. I wanted to do something extra special and I’d heard a lot about virtual reality and wanted to test it out. My cousin in law (the bride) hasn’t been able to stop watching it because every time you start the film you can pick something else to look at. You can watch your hubby looking smitten or mum sobbing! You see another family members reaction every time and look around the room like you were right there. I had a look online and no one else in the UK is doing this right now! The reaction has been so strong we thought why not let other people have their own VR wedding films?”

These immersive films can be viewed via your phone, tablet, laptop or VR headset and allow you to relive the special day in way that a conventional video simply can’t. You don’t need any special software of device to watch the films. You can watch it on YouTube directly from your phone via the YouTube app.

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If you are viewing on a mobile device or tablet follow this link

The joint founders of the exciting new company were both trained at a film school that saw them go onto make award winning content for television and online. They decided to test virtual reality and 360 filming at a family members wedding. The results from the state of the art equipment blew them away. The response from the family was overwhelming with everybody contacting them asking for a video of their own.

A 10% discount over the winter period is being offered if you book your VR wedding in either November or December!

To book your VR wedding, Contact Always Forever


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