35 REAL Bride styles And Some Serious Dress Inspiration…

We LOVE bringing you the latest looks, trends and era’s that our featured brides embody on their wedding day! You wont want to miss our round up of 35 beautiful modern bridal looks featured every month in Wedding Ideas – let these brides guide your own bridal style. Notice themes and details from the brides themselves, the gown, hair, accessories, flowers, shoes and even location! Which bride’s look do you love MOST?! Share the love for all of our wonderfully talented photographers too that have captured these bridal beauties! Enjoy x

35 real bride styles

Whether you are a traditional, modern, alternative or bohemian bride, the best advice we can give to our newly engaged brides-to-be is to remain true to your own unique style. (Your groom will want you to look like you!) Keep it natural not forced and let your own theme be derived from the features you know will wow on YOU!


35 real brides styles22Anna Clarke Photography

35 real brides styles26


35 real brides styles28


35 real brides styles14

Chris Barber Photography

35 real brides styles35


35 real brides styles34

Zara Price Photography

35 real brides styles27

Justin Ferrari Photography

35 real brides styles3


35 real brides styles7


35 real brides styles29


35 real brides styles19

Lisa Devlin Photography


35 real brides styles18


35 real brides styles12


35 real brides styles39

Eliza Claire Photography

35 real brides styles40

Aimee K Photography

35 real brides styles31


35 real brides styles10


35 real brides styles1


35 real brides styles25


35 real brides styles2


35 real brides styles17


35 real brides styles37

Relaxed and oh so romantic, lace dresses have never had some much love this year!

35 real brides styles32


35 real brides styles9fazackarley.com

35 real brides styles23

If the classic fairytale princess dress is your dream, don’t miss the gorgeous gowns by Hayley Paige!

35 real brides styles15


35 real brides styles33

For 1920’s old world glamour – pearls, droplet earrings and beaded hair accessories will complete an authentic vintage look. tatumreid.com

35 real brides styles13


35 real brides styles20

Lisa Devlin Photography

35 real brides styles11


35 real brides styles16

35 real brides styles38

Heavenly Vintage Brides

35 real brides styles8

Considering a destination wedding abroad? Here’s how to plan your dream day in just seven steps! Hayleypettitphotography.co.uk

35 real brides styles36


35 real brides styles24


For dress shape inspiration to suit your body type you’ll want a lesson in wedding dress silhouettes!

Check out our jewellery styling tips for the perfect jewellery to complement your gown and neckline.

Which real bride style has inspired you?!