The quirky geometry, metallic majesty and paired back simple structure is everything we crave about the humble Terrarium. One of the most desired icons of decor design to take centre stage of this year and numerous years previously, it’s no wonder so many of our real brides have adopted this style as a centrepiece, light fixture, cake topper, tea light holder and more! We have a few style steals up our sleeves for how to showcase these structures at their best and where you can source your own…




Romantic Spaces 


Place dainty lights inside moss strewn lantern terrariums and suspend at different heights from your ceiling. This feature will give the illusion of greater space or enhance the drama in a big room. These pods of light will achieve the romantic mood and atmosphere desired from day to night.


Suspended Terrariums


Boho/Beach Theme

For a more beach swept scene inspired by the sand dunes, fill the bottom of a larger terrarium with sand or fine gravel and root one large bloom, succulents and taller grasses on top for a simple, yet contemporary centrepiece that will leave you imagining the sounds of the ocean!


Beach Terrarium


Woodland Theme

Succulents, moss and other earthy minerals are perfect for adding a touch of greenery to a rustic woodland theme table. Place a selection inside a terrarium with some pea gravel, and set in the centre of your tables or dotted down the middle of long trestle tables with some to create a contained mini landscape. For extra height you can also place your terrariums on top of cut log slices or a stack of 2 or 3.


Woodland Terrarium


Don’t want to rock your reception budget?! Get Knotted have just launched the perfect solution; their beautiful terrariums are now available for hire, and there is no end to what you can place inside for styling your wedding day! Custom made, Get Knotted’s terrariums come in three styles: Lantern, Cuboctahedron and Teardrop. Each features glass panels held together with copper patina metal edgings. Made in England by Lenka at LoveGlass


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