The countdown to your wedding and honeymoon can be as terrifying as it is thrilling – on the one hand, the mounting excitement as the day draws closer, but on the other, the realisation that there’s still so much to do and a rapidly diminishing amount of time in which to do it.


Trying to get in shape with little time to go to the big day? Here are our 3 top tips for getting motivated and acheiving results!


If one of the things on your to-do list is losing weight or getting in shape, then the sooner you start, the easier and more relaxed the whole process will be. Last minute crash diets are anything but advisable, as these will put your body under unnecessary strain and deplete your energy levels – with knock-on effects on hair, skin and nails – right when you need to be your vibrant and glowing best. And while we all know that finding time and opportunity to exercise in your already-busy days may feel like a chore, it’s actually a much better option than dieting, as it will increase your energy levels, mental clarity and muscle tone, not to mention making you feel powerful and invigorated.

Combine this with sensible, nutrient-rich eating, focusing on lean meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, good fats like avocados and non-white carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and brown rice, and you’ll look and feel your absolute best for your big day.


All kitted out

Good-looking kit can go a long way towards getting you motivated and ready to work up a sweat but many of the most of the most gorgeous-looking brands can put a serious dent in your wallet – never ideal when you’re planning the most expensive party and holiday of your life! Enter relative newcomer Bellum Active. Launched just two years ago, the range is reasonably small but varied, with plenty of opportunities to mix’n’match – think funky patterns, bold block colours and interesting design details – and a price point that undercuts some of its similarly stylish high street competitors by a substantial amount. As for comfort and performance? Both are equally impressive – founder Jodi Kerschl is a runner and triathlete, and puts each piece through its paces to ensure optimum functionality.


Trying to get in shape with little time to go to the big day? Here are our 3 top tips for getting motivated and acheiving results!


Time is of the essence

Now that you’re all kitted up, your next obstacle is time – squeezing in those workouts can prove tricky when your schedule is already packed, especially when you factor in time spent getting to and from the gym. With Beachbody on Demand, however, you can access a range of over 400 world-famous workouts from any device and work out anywhere – you can even filter by the type of workout you want, whether that’s one that you can do in under 30 minutes, or one that focuses on cardio, or slimming and toning. It’s priced at £2.99 per week, with no limit to how many times you can log in and work out – hard to imagine any gym that offers such variety and value!

Beach Body on Demand allows you to filter by choice of trainer too – perfect for if you have a preference (or develop a bit of a crush!) Having said that, the trainers are all incredibly inspiring and encouraging, even through a screen – but if you feel that you need the actual physical presence of someone cheering you on, then TruBe, which is an app for personal training on demand, can help.  Simply sign up one of three monthly plans giving you the choice of how many workouts you want to do, with a cost-per session benefit for the more workouts you pay for. It’s the fitness equivalent of Uber – decide you have time for a workout, see which highly-qualified trainer is in your vicinity and what kind of workout they offer – and they’ll come to you. Work out with someone else and you’ll even split the cost of the session, making it a great and affordable way of getting in shape with your bridesmaids or fiancé, too.


Trying to get in shape with little time to go to the big day? Here are our 3 top tips for getting motivated and acheiving results!


Annoyingly, there are sometimes areas that remain stubbornly resistant to even our best efforts – or maybe you just want a kick-start to get you feeling enthused about your bridal fitness journey.


MiCool A is a cyrolipolysis treatment offered at Dr Barbara Kubicka’s ClinicBe in Chelsea; a non-invasive procedure that essentially freezes a proportion – up to about 30% – of the fat cells in an area of your body, leaving them to be eliminated by the body via its normal excretory processes over the course of the next 4-12 weeks. A giant suction pad and below freezing temperatures are applied to the trouble spot for an hour and the results, while not immediate, are impressive. Perfect for those bellies, bottoms and love handles – and, while not a quick-fix nor something that should be used instead of healthy eating and regular exercise, this is a treatment that can do wonders for your confidence and enthusiasm, making you far more likely to feel great about getting that gym kit on! *MiCool A Cryolipolysis Treatment starts at £325. 

Guest Writer Sarah Rodrigues