Whether you spent many hours dashing to and from bridal boutiques or you found your dream dress straight away, you’ll always remember that found it(!) moment. You and your dress create many moments together; whether it’s your mother’s hands tying the ribbons on your belt, your father’s proud tears as you arrive at the venue or your partner’s smile when they turn and see you in the dress for the first time.

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Those memories are yours to treasure and keep forever, but once the big day is over its easy to leave your beautiful, once in a life time dress stashed in the wardrobe or attic, uncared for. So we’ve got a few ideas to keep your precious memories alive in your home and wardrobe…

Before you reuse or repurpose your dress, don’t forget to get your gown cleaned and preserved within about a month of your wedding. On the big day your dress can be susceptible to grass stains while having your perfect couples photo or the smear of jam from the crucial cake-cutting. But it is the invisible stains that can cause long term damage, such as the dye from confetti thrown over you as you were cheered out of the church and the splash of champagne as you toast the special day. As these stains set they become more prominent, so its important to treat them quickly so you and future generations can make the most of your dress.

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A great way to enjoy your dress again is to reuse it. Why not throw a wedding party so you and your friends can dance the night away and admire each others beautiful gowns or even store your dress for years to come for princess parties with your little girl.

To make your memories a part of everyday life, get creative – use the tulle for a tutu skirt or combine the tulle and lace to create a scarf. Alternatively, use your dress accessories in your home, such as crafting your sash into a trim for cushions or even to decorate your wedding album with dress material.

For all of the above ideas it is crucial to keep your dress in the best possible condition. With the convenient home collection and delivery service at Johnsons Bridal, preserving your memories couldn’t be easier. Your dress will be in safe hands with the experienced and skilled wedding dress cleaning and preservation specialists in the expert bridal team. Delicate lace and embroidered gowns are dry cleaned exclusively using GreenEarth® for a gentle clean and after the cleaning process is complete your dress will be wrapped in layers of acid free tissue paper and placed into a beautiful presentation box, helping to keep the memories of your big day alive for years and years to come.