3 Reasons Hydrangeas Are A Must-Have Wedding Flower

Generous, beautiful and poetic: with its voluminous shape, the Hydrangea is a summery floral icon. Here’s why the humble Hydrangea is the perfect budget-savvy bouquet bloom and centrepiece stem for your wedding day.


How to be budget-savvy with your wedding flowers



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One look at the big, ruffled blooms of a hydrangea instantly makes you think of summer, making them perfect for a summer wedding! The flowers are available in amazing colours, from bright white to deep blue, heavenly pink, scarlet, lilac and vintage green, with blushing rims. If you love flowers, you won’t be able to resist falling for hydrangeas and including them in your big day.



Be inspired by Hydrangeas

The season for cut Hydrangeas is now in full bloom. These iconic flowers bring out the artist and poet in everyone – the perfect romantic notions for your wedding day.

The stylish cut Hydrangea has long been favoured for use in a beautiful bouquet. And it’s little wonder, since the use of the Hydrangea always guarantees a splendid finished arrangement.

Every space is lit up when these colourful flower heads appear. A generous vase of fresh hydrangeas instantly catches the eye and creates a warm welcome for family, friends and guests. Their size also gives them wow-factor, perfect for a more glamorous ceremony.



Statement centrepieces

Hydrangeas bring instant drama and volume to any arrangement. They can grow up to 80cm tall, which makes them very versatile as a cut flower. If you want to draw attention, focus on their height and display them in slim vertical vases of one or more blooms, possibly accompanied by a few floaty grasses.

For the table centres, cut the stems down and bunch several flowers heads together in a short, wide vase. Another clever way to show off hydrangeas is to stagger the length of the stems, so that the display graduates down with each bloom.



Fabulous colours

These great flowers come in rich range of shades, so you can pick exactly the colours that will work for your wedding. For a subtle chic look, the soft whites and greens offer understated elegance.

For a more upbeat, bright and boho feel, the vivid pinks, purples, reds or blues shout energy and exuberance. And you can make a real style statement by mixing bright shades together in a vibrant, life-enhancing riot of colour.


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