Probably one of the biggest moments of your life to date, getting engaged is an important decision and it deserves an equally special proposal. While these brides still ended up happily married after their grooms fluffed up the question, it’s far nicer to have a happy story to share. We’ve put together our three top tips for popping the question to make sure you get a ‘yes’!


Choosing where to propose can be one of the hardest decisions. Options abound, with people getting down on one knee everywhere from restaurants to zoos to beaches to their own home.

Don’t feel obliged to make the proposal pricey by taking your fiancé-to-be away abroad to pop the question just because it’s a popular option (although if you do, you’ll love this guide to proposing on holiday!). Choosing a place that means something to you as a couple will mean more than picking the fanciest holiday you can afford – think the place where you first met, had your first date, spent the best Sunday afternoon. Asking your partner to marry you is a huge expression of love and the place where you ask should reflect that.

Three things to consider to make sure you get your proposal right and the 'yes' that you are hoping for! Wedding Ideas takes you through where, when and how


When you should propose is a contentious and deeply personal decision. Once you’ve decided you want to take the next step towards wedded bliss (we hope!) you’ve got to choose a date to pop the question. If you let family and friends in on the secret, they’re bound to have opinions. Do your best to filter them out based on how much their ideas would suit you as a couple – there is no one size fits all approach.

Some choose to carefully plan the date, picking one close to their hearts like the date they first met or started dating. This can be very romantic and sentimental, but it can also mean waiting six months or having to cope with pre-proposal nerves for longer than you’d like to. Others are more spontaneous, getting down on bended knee before they’ve even got round to buying a ring.

It doesn’t matter when you choose to propose as long as it is right for you and your partner. Sometimes this requires a balancing act. You might be eaten up with nerves while you organise a trip away or prefer to have a ‘yes’ to give you confidence before you make the purchase, but if your fiancé-to-be would be heartbroken that you didn’t choose her a ring, it might be worth the nervousness and extra bit of time preparing to give her the proposal she’s been dreaming of. Check out our simple guide to engagement rings here.

Three things to consider to make sure you get your proposal right and the 'yes' that you are hoping for! Wedding Ideas takes you through where, when and how


Whether you go for a public proposal in a restaurant or keep things intimate by proposing somewhere the two of you can be alone will depend on you as a couple.

Proposals are becoming increasingly elaborate, featuring all kinds of surprises from flash mobs to musicians and almost everything in between. Here at Wedding Ideas we think you should only follow this trend if it’s what suits you both. If your fiancé-to-be loves theatre or grand gestures, then flash mobs and performance-style proposals might suit you, but if not? Forget about it. Just as for the big day itself, your proposal should be completely and utterly you.

If the thought of a public proposal fills you with dread, don’t do it. You don’t want to worry your way through the evening and your soon-to-be fiancée would much rather you enjoyed the moment too!

Likewise, even though you’re pretty sure they will say yes, if the pressure of having to accept your proposal in front of others would spoil it for your partner, keep it private. You’ll have plenty of time to ring friends and family with the good news afterwards – while sipping some obligatory Champagne, of course!

Three things to consider to make sure you get your proposal right and the 'yes' that you are hoping for! Wedding Ideas takes you through where, when and how

The most important thing to take away is that the best proposals are the ones that are tailored to you as individuals, not necessarily what everyone else is doing. Once you’ve got the good news and can officially call yourselves fiancés, congratulations are in order! Your bride or groom-to-be is bound to be excited.

Even if you don’t plan to tie the knot for a few years, it’s never too early to get the wedding planning ball rolling – in fact, starting early can secure you better deals! Use our free wedding planning checklists and tools for guidance and check out these six things to do after getting engaged!


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