A lot of couples really struggle when it comes to deciding who should be at their wedding day, without breaking up families and friendships, and causing international incidents, because so many fights, and bad vibes, and ill feelings come from this one decision. When you look back at the wedding photos, you want to feel good about it and hopefully remember everyone in them!

Comedian, Aleisha McCormack, gives the lowdown about who you can cut off your wedding guest list. The one thing about being an obligation guest, and knowing that you’re an obligation wedding guest, is that you probably won’t be that offended if you don’t get invited.

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My top three obligation guests are….

The co- worker

Do you like your job and your work people? Great. Will you be working there in 5 years? Do you see your co-workers socially?… (not just work drinks) Have they met your partner? Do you know their partner? Would you take them to a high-end restaurant and by them dinner and drinks? Do you actually like them as real friends and not just office friends who bonded over a mutual disdain of the boss? Don’t feel obliged to invite everyone. Rookie guest list mistake.

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Parent’s friends

If your parents or your in-laws are contributing money to your wedding, and they’re holding the guest list over your head… that’s PGLB (parental guest list blackmail). Let them have their own parties and invite Barry and Carol from Bridge. Ask them how important these extra guests are to them. Is it because they’re trying to keep up with the Jones’? Do they want to show you off? Instead of paying £300 to have them to be at your wedding, send them a nice card with a wedding photo and avoid having the bill and inviting virtual strangers!

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Partner’s of friends that you have never met.

My husband and I set a firm rule with our guest list, and that was no one is to be invited that hasn’t met both of us. Remember, if you’re having a small wedding and you can’t stretch the numbers, even if the groom’s best friend has met someone that he say, “Is ‘the one” and you’ve never met her or him, let them have their third date at a restaurant, not at your wedding.

My final piece of advice on the guest list, the most important piece of information I can give you, is you don’t want to have anyone at your wedding that you have to pretend to be happy to see. You shouldn’t have to fake smile on your wedding day. Ditch them. Remember that, you and your partner are the team. Go through the pros and cons of who you want there, and work it out together.

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Aleisha McCormack is the host of the Save The Date wedding planning podcast, a wedding magazine for your ears, but with more swearing and none of the BS. With two free shows per week covering everything from Mother-in laws to guests lists, comedian Aleisha McCormack is your virtual bridesmaid who’s honest, helpful and funny, giving practical advice to help you become a #Bridechilla and #Groomchilla when planning your wedding.