When it comes to shoes for your big day, you want them to be perfect. Clinical Director of Dulwich Podiatry and Zesty spokesperson Debbie Delves shares the top 3 mistakes that women make when it comes to picking wedding shoes, so you can avoid doing the same!

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Mistake 1: Buying shoes that don’t fit now

You should always buy shoes that fit you NOW. Don’t convince yourself into buying those shoes that are a little bit too tight because ‘they’ll stretch’ – it’s wishful thinking! Buy for your feet now, not based on that hope that they’ll fit perfectly in time for your special day!

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Mistake 2: Buying heels in the morning

A top tip is to shop for heels towards the end of the day where possible. Our feet swell towards the end of the day, giving you a truer fit of the shoe – you don’t want to be uncomfortable, especially not for an evening of killer dance moves with your guests.

Mistake 3: Wearing heels for too long

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We’ve all been in the situation when our feet are in a LOT of pain, but we can’t bring ourselves to ruin the outfit by taking off our carefully-chosen heels. At the end of the day, wearing heels for a prolonged amount of time is not good for your feet, on a short or long term basis. Why not bring a comfortable pair or shoes to change in to for when the photos and the first dance are over, and the pain of the heels sets in? More excuse to buy another pair of pretty shoes!

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Top tips to survive your day in heels

Invest in some gel cushions or insoles

We understand that there are some moments on your wedding day when you can’t just take off your shoes. Get some gel cushions or insoles to make your wedding shoes a little bit more comfy – or at least bearable!

Socks and heels

A sneaky tip to make your shoes a bit more comfortable is to wear them in whilst wearing your thickest winter socks. It might not be the best look, but if it helps you to look and feel fab on your big day, we think it’s worth it.

Stretch those leg muscles!

This is a slightly more scientific approach – if you stretch your legs before and after wearing heels, you will reap the benefits! There are plenty of videos on Youtube that can show you how to do this.

Wedding heel mistakes © Jake Morley Photography

So now you know what to avoid when it comes to buying your wedding heels, it’s time for you to find some! We can help you in your search – check out our guide to wedding shoe styles and how to match your shoes to your wedding dress here!