Love. It’s a funny feeling isn’t it? From the swish of butterflies racing through your stomach when you first lay eyes on someone to the dull ache your heart feels when you miss them. It is, perhaps, one of the most intense yet beautiful experiences one could ever face. And you’re lucky if you do.

But let’s face it. When it comes to expressing these heartfelt emotions, we usually find ourselves at a loss. What single word or phrase can unequivocally explain what you feel? How do you describe the giddiness you feel when something good happens to your loved one? How do you put into words the emotions you feel when they depart from your life? You can pick your brain, but the English language is slightly limited when it comes to expressing such feelings. Yes, we may have a few phrases that describe it quite well, but none that dig deeper into the other emotions we feel and the actions we display.

However, Vashi, jeweller to the stars, uncovered words from languages across the world that perfectly encapsulates the euphoric and even heart-wrenching moments we all experience when head-over-heels in love – words which have no English equivalent. Actions such as Oodal (Tamil), which is the sulking lovers do after an argument. And Feelings such as Iktsuarpok (Inuit), which describes the anticipation you feel as you wait for someone to visit – can now all be openly expressed – given you pronounce them correctly!

Vashi, of course, took it one step further and decided to create a beautiful love story based on a set of untranslatable words – aptly titled: More Than Just a Word. The touching sequence takes you through the whirlwind romance of two starry-eyed lovers via the help of several illustrations (detailing the untranslatable word) created by Emma Block.

The illustrations and, of course, the untranslatable words of love flawlessly convey what our hearts cannot – discover them all here.

Untranslatable words of love

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