Looking for a bit of quick-fire wedding inspiration? We asked our amazing Facebook brides about their wedding themes and why they chose them  – read their responses here!


“We’ve chosen an autumn woodland theme because we’re both Scout leaders and wanted to make the outdoors part of our celebration.” Adamene Banks

“We have gone for a surfing theme with a royal blue colour scheme to match. We chose surfing because we go every year together in Cornwall.” Leanne Jones

“Our theme is football. We’re having tickets for invites, trophies for table centres, programmes of the day and a football pitch cake.” Leanne Westwood

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“We’ve chosen Champagne and black lace for a vintage classic, 1920’s New York-style wedding on Boxing Day!” Hayley Owen

“We are having a sweetie/cake and chocoholic wedding, with sweets everywhere!” Liane Robson-Burrell

“Our theme was Mickey Mouse – keeping it classy! We flew to Disney World for our honeymoon.” Jade-Louise Shephard

“Our wedding theme is ivory and red because every year we have been together my fiancé has bought me a bouquet of red gerberas.” Megan Dabb

“We’re having a beach-themed wedding because we’re marrying in Greece. My h2b is arriving by speedboat and I’m arriving by cruise!” Stephanie Kinseley


“My theme is red hearts because I’m getting married in February 2014. It’s the colour of love… And my living room!” Esme Anne Edward

“We’re having a Greek theme. We go to Corfu every year, but if we wed there we couldn’t invite all our family, so we decided to bring Corfu to the UK!” Zoe Goldberg

“My theme is lilac and crystals because lilac is my favourite colour and crystals add elegance and look great when they shine in the light.” Michelle Hart

“We’re having a 50s/vintage theme because I’m wearing my gran’s old wedding dress from the 50s! Everything is mismatched, too.” Kt Earley28-inspiring-wedding-themes-from-our-facebook-brides-bluedaisyphotography.co.uk

“Our theme is humour! We want to make our guests laugh. Our music is fun, we’re putting jokes in the favours and we’ll do our first dance badly, on purpose!” Sue Leonard

“I think you can have a theme without it taking over your wedding. Our colour is winterberry red, which covers everything from invites to dresses.” Lauren Cranmer

“Our theme is 1950’s retro accented with lots of butterflies and royal blue. The retro theme was always in mind because I adore 1950’s styling.” Kat Clayton

“We’re not having a specific theme, but we’re having a colour scheme of ivory for me and royal blue for the bridesmaid dresses, with purple bouquets.” Dawn Swinden


“We’re getting married on 31st October with a classic twist on Halloween! No monsters but lots of trick or treating topped off with a witch’s brew.” Hannah Moss

“Our theme will be things that reflect us as a couple. We both love reading so I am having classic books as table centres.” Karen Marshall

“We’re having a hot air balloon theme because they’ve been such a massive part of my life, and I’ve introduced it to my h2b, too!” Emma Caie

“We’re hoping for a vintage feel thanks to our lace and pearls theme and mint and gold colour scheme. We want to have a lot of homemade touches.” Krissie Coyne


“Being big music fans, we’ve gone for a black and white theme with musical notes and scores.” Keri Raine

“Our theme is shabby chic/country house to suit our venue. I am making the table decorations myself and each table will be different.” Emma Morgan

“Vintage glamour is our theme. When I found my dress it changed the whole theme of the day and it all just fell into place.” Louise Spinola-Scott

“We are having a sapphire/royal blue and yellow colour scheme because they are my favourite football team’s colours, and our theme is butterflies.” Charlotte Fleming


“We are going for a vintage literary theme, with pinks and ivories for the bridesmaids and pageboys, and handmade paper flowers.” Keri Thompson

“We’ve chosen a Poker theme. We’re both Poker players and it seemed a nice way to tie it in with hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds.” Marie McGowan

“We are having a Caribbean beach wedding, with everyone in white with fuchsia flowers and accessories. Pure and simple.” Emma Louise Woodward

“We want to do a masquerade theme. It’s going to take place in a gorgeous plantation. Our colour scheme is going to be Champagne and white.” Lucero Rayon

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