25 Most Romantic Bride & Groom Wedding Photos 

In all the madness of wedding planning, it’s sometimes easy to forget that your big day is first and foremost about promising to build a long and happy life with the person that you love. Your wedding day will pass by in a blur (trust us!), so it’s important that you and your new husband take time out to relax with each other and take in the fact that you’re married now! This is the perfect opportunity for your photographer to snap some romantic wedding photos of the pair of you.


Photography trends are moving away from traditional posed shots to more natural ones, and we’re totally on board with this. There’s something much more romantic about a candid snap of a couple laughing, embracing and being completely absorbed in one another.

If you’re not the type of couple to be photographed together very often, then it might seem a little strange, but just trust your photographer and try it. You may be surprised by the results!

Here’s our quick, fail-safe guide to getting the most romantic shots on the day:

Look into each other’s eyes

This is invariably more intimate than looking at the camera. You don’t have to be solemn and serious with it, either – if you find yourself giggling, it will still make for a cute photograph!

Consider the lighting of your venue

As you can see from our gallery below, sometimes all you need is some amazing natural light to create a gorgeous photograph. If this sort of dreamy shot appeals to you, make sure you keep this in mind when choosing your venue and then let your photographer know so they can get the timings right for these.

Make the most of nature

Some of our favourite romantic wedding photos have some beautiful natural backdrops. If your venue has a corn field, lake, rose garden or blossom trees nearby, make sure to grab some photos there!

Pucker up

 Even if you’re not usually big on PDAs, there’s nothing more romantic that those first snatched kisses as husband and wife. If you want the full old-school Hollywood movie effect, try getting your man to dip you – but maybe practise a little first!

To give you and your h2b a little inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of the most romantic photos from our real-life weddings. Don’t forget to take a look at our Photography section for achieving the perfect wedding album – we even have a handy list to make sure those all-important shots aren’t forgotten!

Romantic Wedding Photos