From traditional fancy dress to more unique and fun hen party themes, here are some ideas to really get the party started. 

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Stag and Hen Manchester know how to throw a good party, which is pretty important when it’s your last party as a certifiable single lady! The experts in throwing a party to remember share their top hen party themes and ideas to make sure your last night of freedom is nothing but fun… starting with your outfits.

A hen party isn’t complete without a great theme. There are so many options to choose from and the girls can have a brilliant time creating their outfits or sourcing the perfect costume.

23 Top Hen Party Themes to Try

Traditional Hen Party Ideas

Go for the traditional hen do attire! Grab some L plates, sashes, tutus, custom t-shirts and willy straws and you’re good to go.

23 unmissable hen party themes guaranteed to get you girls in the party mood...

Pirate Hen Party Theme

Go for a swashbuckling adventure, think corseted dresses, swords, high boots and bandanas! You’ll love this full costume for inspiration…

A Naughty Nurses Theme

Go as naughty nurses for the night, but don’t forget your stethoscope!

A Burlesque Night

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Let out your naughty side and go as sexy burlesque dancers as you hit the town for a night of laughing and dancing with your best girls.

Granny Fancy Dress

Great for a laugh, all get grannied up for the night! Think grey wigs, big spectacles, slippers, nighties and walking sticks.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Theme

Flaunt those pins in vintage swing dresses and feel fabulous with a 50’s pin up style up do like the beehive or victory rolls for a super chic look!

Cops & Robbers

Grab the goodies and the baddies, and head out all out together for a raucous night!

Playboy Bunnies 

It may seem a little tacky, but it’s your hen night after all! When else could you get away with harking back to the days when it was (kind of) acceptable to head out in hotpants and bunny ears?

Disney Princess Theme

A brilliant theme. Be big kids and dress up as your favourite Disney princesses. Bride gets first dibs!

Pyjama Party Hen Party Theme

Hen party themes pyjamas

Everyone bring your favourite pyjamas and slippers and have a super comfy night out!


This is a classic hen party theme and lends itself to some great (if somewhat dangerous) photo opportunities. Get matching outfits and pom poms – but please leave the pyramid stunts to the professionals


For those brides to be with more a dark side, why not venture into the world of villains/  Costumes could include: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Maleficent, Cruella de Vil and The Snow Queen.

Angels & Devils

If your wedding ties in with Halloween this is a great hen party theme to consider. Get your girls together and work out who is naughty and who is nice (for the night at least).

Spice Girls

I’ll tell you what I want what I really really want… a spice girls hen do! No explanation needed for this one!


Add a dose of action to the hen party and dress up as your favourite superheroes! How about Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Bat Girl, Black Widow or Cat Woman?

Masquerade Ball 

Create some mystery by each wearing unique masks and a glamorous dress to match.

A Comedy-Themed Hen Night 

Dress as comical characters, your favourite in-jokes, internet memes or even become 10 look-a-likes of the bride for the day!

TV Characters

A nice broad theme that is easy for everyone to do… your favourite TV characters!

White Dress Party

A simple but effective theme. All choose a white outfit and you will definitely stand out at night.

A Great Gatsby Hen Party

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Go back in time to the 1920s with this theme. Wear flapper and art deco dresses paired with a beautiful headpiece for a very classy affair!

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At The Movies

Let the bride choose her favourite movie and all go as different characters. Ideas are: Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Sex and the City and Alice in Wonderland.

Black and Gold

This theme oozes glamour and sophistication. Get out your best bling to wear with a striking LBD.

Army Hen Party Theme

Show how tough you and your hens are and go as army girls. 

TOP TIP Choose a broad theme so each hen can go as something different and make sure you download the Stag and Hen Manchester hen party planning guide to make sure all your hens are in a row and you have the best night ever!

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