Trying to find your dream wedding dress to wear on the most important day of your life is a pretty stressful experience. All eyes are on you, and you want to look back at your wedding photographs and feel like the most beautiful woman ever.

We’ve put together some of our top tips for finding your dream wedding dress, no matter what budget you’ve got or what style you suit. These fail-safe tips will leave you strutting your stuff down the aisle… Natalie & Mark-195

1. Research the styles you like the most. Pinterest is your friend.

2. Be open-minded – you might love something you never thought you would.

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3. Brace yourself for bridal sizing. Sizes are generally a lot smaller than usual.

4. Figure out your budget before you book an appointment, and factor in things like shoes, tiaras and veils etc.

5. Find your dress at least 6 months before the big day as this will allow time for fittings and changes.

6. Choose your wedding dress shopping team wisely – take people you know will be honest, but kind.

7. Make an appointment to avoid disappointment (boutiques get booked well in advance).

8. Wear decent underwear to your appointment. Your neon pink bra strap won’t enhance the overall look of ‘elegance’.

9. Bring heels to the appointment so you can see how your dress will look with height.

10. Book a week-day appointment – it’ll be less busier and you’re more likely to get 1-on-1 time with the sales assistants.

11. The dress will look better on you than it does on the hanger.

12. Embellishments add £££s.

13. Wear what you want. Don’t feel pressurised by anyone into wearing a huge meringue dress if you want to go for a slinky column gown.

14. Be 100% sure that you’re buying the dress you love. If you have any doubt, it’s not the right dress for you.

15. Don’t worry if you don’t cry, it doesn’t mean the dress isn’t ‘The One’.

16. It’s better to order a dress that is a size too big than a size too small, as it’s much simpler for a seamstress to make slight adjustments to a bigger dress!

17. Test having a boogie before you buy your dress. If you find you can’t actually move / walk down the aisle in your dress on the big day it’ll be too late…

18. If you’ve got a small budget to stick to it’s definitely worth taking a look at sample sales – you’ll find the perfect dress at a cut of the price!

19. Don’t torture yourself by trying on dresses that are way pricier than your budget allows – you’ll feel rubbish about any other dresses you try on after as nothing will match up!

20. Pay attention to what fabric suits you and what you like the most.

21. Keep your wedding date in mind when wedding dress shopping. If you’ve found your perfect dress, but you know you’re getting married in winter, it might be worth seeing if you can find the perfect bolero to match it.

22. Enjoy the process. Hopefully you’ll only have to do this once and it’ll be a very special experience. So relax, you will find the perfect wedding dress.

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