Who better to give you some top wedding planning advice than the newlywed themselves! Here are 22 no-nonsense tips to help you organise the perfect day… Notebooks at the ready, there are some real pearls of wisdom coming up!

Rebecca and Oliver

She says… “Even if you think you’ve found the perfect dress in the very first shop, try more on. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and trying different shapes and styles is such fun,”
He says… “Get involved in the planning. We were both involved with every step, and it felt more special knowing that our wedding incorporated both our personalities.”

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Emily and Jordan

She says… “Savour every second of your wedding ceremony, and try to remember the moment you say your vows – the most beautiful words you’ll ever say.”
He says… “Make sure you don’t drink too much the night before the wedding, but a little Dutch courage on the day will give you confidence for your speeches.”

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Kirsty and Ben

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She says… “Allow plenty of time for your planning. As the big day drew nearer, my to do list got longer, and I wish I had given myself more time to get things done.”
He says… “Take a step back with your wife every hour or so to soak up everything that is going on around you. The day flies by so it’s important to take stock.”

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Tara and David

She says… “I would definitely recommend buying a wedding planner journal. They’re great for helping you to stay organised and make a nice keepsake after the big day.”
He says… “It might sound obvious, but remember to get your hair cut before the big day. It’s easy to forget when there’s so much else to do.”

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Claire and James

She says… “Try to get all your plans finalised a week or two before the wedding, so you can enjoy the week before being pampered and getting excited.”
He says… “Get involved with all the wedding preparation. It’s your special day too, so don’t be afraid to bring your own ideas to the planning.”

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Sara and Mark

She says… “Let yourself be pampered on your wedding day. Hire a good hairdresser and make-up artist, but book trials so you don’t have any last-minute surprises.”
He says… “Treat yourself to an extra special suit for your wedding. You deserve to look and feel the best you possibly can on your big day.”

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Amy and Richard

She says… “Make sure one of your bridesmaids or a friend carries your face powder and lipstick so you can top up during the day, especially after those teary moment.”
He says… “Get as involved as you can with the planning to help spread the load – your bride will be grateful for your help and ideas.”

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Danielle and Mark

She says… “Try not to let stress take over. Even if things go wrong in the lead up, keep some perspective – it will still be the best day of your life.”
He says… “Support your bride. Understand that things that aren’t important to you might be essential for her, and try to share the workload so you don’t get overwhelmed.”

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Amy and Harry

She says… “Take advice from the experts. Your photographer and caterer will have lots of tips for making things run smoothly, and can help with timings for the big day.”
He says… “Remember, your role is to be as supportive as possible. Listen to your bride, calm her down when she’s getting stressed and reassure her that whatever she wants, she can have!”

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Emma and Jamie

She says… “Consider holding your wedding on a Friday. It costs significantly less than a Saturday, and it gave us and our guests the whole weekend to recover!”
He says… “If your bride is doing the planning and getting stressed, surprise her by cooking her dinner and giving her a night off to relax.”

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Eve and Glen

She says… “Choose suppliers based on word of mouth, but make sure you gel with them, too – they are there to help build your special day, so it’s really important to have a bond with them.”
He says… “It’s your wedding day too, so be as involved as you can. I took control of our wedding spreadsheet, where we kept track of everything we needed to do.”

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Learning from newlyweds’ experiences is great for you, and we’ve got lots more! From tips on wedding budgets, dress shopping, reception venues, and what they’d change if they could go back, our real brides can inspire and help you every step of the way when it comes to your own wedding planning.