The photos of you and your bridemaids will no doubt be some of your most treasured from the day, so why not take advantage of having all your girls around you and create some fun photo opportunities that you’ll love? Here are 21 wedding photo ideas featuring beautiful bridesmaids to inspire you!


Perfect props

With photobooths becoming more and more popular at weddings, brides these days know the importance of a funny prop! Moustaches, glasses, hats and wigs make for hilarious photo opportunities with all your guests, but make sure you get at least one with just you and the girls!

Getting ready

This one’s a classic, but a surprising number of brides forget it! Whether it’s a natural shot of you all prepping for the big day or a posed group photo of you all together (these work particularly well if you’re wearing matching robes, pyjamas or t-shirts!), make sure you capture the atmosphere of excitement and anticipation before the ceremony.

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Beach babes

We love this photo! If you’re lucky enough to be marrying overseas, make sure you take advantage of it and get a photo of your bridesmaids enjoying their beautiful surroundings. This works really well at sunset, as the lighting will be extra flattering.

He’s the one!

Don’t forget to get a shot of your bridesmaids with the groom! It may not be traditional, but it makes for a lovely photo that you’ll treasure. This is particularly important if your bridal party includes members of the groom’s family, such as sisters.

Bridal balloon

This shot is a double whammy – we love that the bridesmaids are twirling in their pretty dresses, and large round balloons like this one are very popular for a quirky wedding photo opportunity. Action shots may be a good option for bridesmaids who don’t feel comfortable posing, too.

Pucker up

This one is easy peasy – apply lipstick and POUT! We especially like images like this if the bridesmaids are wearing a bright pop of colour on their lips, but it’s a funny, girly photo to have in your album whatever your maids are wearing.

Bridesmaids rule OK

Another photobooth-inspired prop is the chalk board. Ask your girls to write funny messages on it for the photos, and you’re sure to be chuckling once your photographer sends the images through! We seriously love these cute heart boards, too – you can find similar ones on

Cuddle with mum

If you have tiny flowergirls or if your bridesmaids have young children of their own, it’s nice to get a candid shot of the family having a quick cuddle, especially if the little ones are all dolled up for the occasion.

Drink up

This cheeky photo brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘group shot’! Although it may be more traditional to have a photo of the groom and his ushers enjoying a tipple in the bar pre-ceremony, we love to see brides and their girls partaking in a little Dutch courage!

Sign of the times

Browse the Weddings section on Pinterest and you’re sure to find a few of these fab photos. As well as ‘Just wait til you see her!’ and ‘Here comes the bride!’, one of our favourite sign trends is for the bridesmaids to write where and when they first met the bride.

Funky glasses

These days, many couples use their wedding reception as the opportunity to just have a brilliant rave-up with their friends and family. If you and your bridesmaids are serious party animals, don’t forget to dig out some funny photo props like novelty sunglasses and glo sticks!


Anyone for croquet?

On the more sedate side of things, summer fête-style lawn games have become seriously popular at country weddings, especially at venues with large grounds. Grab a shot of you and your bridesmaids posing pre-game for an unusual photo – this also works with golf if you’re marrying on a golf course!

Funny face

Having younger bridesmaids or flower girls is great for unintentionally hilarious photo opportunities. Get your little ones to goof it up for the camera for a sweet picture that you’ll love – and can bring out at their 18th birthday parties!


Give us a kiss

This is a cute photo opportunity that bridesmaids of all ages can get involved in. Just remember to stick to air kisses, or you’re likely to end up with lipstick smudges all over your cheeks before the ceremony!


Huddle up

We love this sassy shot, and it’s the perfect way to showcase the bridesmaids’ dresses, shoes and bouquets. You want to show off your gorgeous girls and all your hard work, after all!

Look at that sparkler!

This is another photo trend that’s made it across the pond into UK weddings. You can either have this photo taken before the ceremony, with the girls admiring your engagement ring, or afterwards with the wedding ring.

Ribbon fun

Another pretty prop-based photo that’s perfect for younger bridesmaids or flowergirls. You’ll have your fingers crossed for a breezy day with these ribbon sticks – you can buy them online or even make your own to perfectly match your wedding colour scheme!

Looking back

This is a great opportunity to show off the back of the bridesmaids’ dresses if they have pretty details like bows or keyholes.


Give it some welly!

Let’s face it – in a British countryside wedding, there’s a very good chance that you and your bridesmaids will have wellies on standby whatever the season. Turn it into a positive – buy cool patterned or coloured ones and have a fun photo with you and your girls wearing them!

Swing out sister

Many country wedding venues have swings in their grounds, so use them for a photo opportunity! This is a particularly good shot for brides who only have a small number of maids but still want the fun of a group shot.

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