If you’re planning your wedding for next year, we bet you’d like to know what’s hot and what’s not going to be on trend? We have a chat with top bridal gown designers Enzoani and find out what type of wedding dresses we are expecting to see in 2014.

Next year will see the introduction of bold colour pieces for the more adventurous bride. These statement dresses will definitely make an impact.


The dresses this season contain a lot of beaded and embroidered lace. The lace is more defined and clean cut this year with a modern take on the vintage look. Last year we saw a lot of draping whereas this year we’ll see a lot more dresses that are tailored, contain clean lines, are sleek and have an overall timeless feel.

What styles and shapes will be popular?

New for the 2014 Blue by Enzoani collection Kang Chun Lin designed a few teacup-style dresses. KC began by creating a full-length gown and as the design developed he felt that the gown would make a nice teacup-length gown. These gowns are perfect for brides looking to have a destination wedding. They are very fun, flirty and easy to wear. They can be worn for a ceremony, reception or even a special occasion.

What fabrics and colours?

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We’ll see a lot more traditional ivory dresses with a modern twist of colour detailing. Gold pearl is making its way back into fashion for 2014. The bride can remain traditional in ivory but with the added beading and lace in colour to give a vintage and elegant look which can be worn as a party dress and not just for a wedding. A great example of this is Galela from the 2014 Blue by Enzoani collection, reserving the gold colour for the fine details only and not the fabric the dress keeps a clean and traditional feel.

Galela from Enzoani sponsored feature

Top trends for 2014

For the 2014 Blue by Enzoani collection, Kang Chun Lin had a lot of inspiration from the new Dior collection. These embody classic styling and contemporary silhouettes that are clean and refined.

The 2014 Enzoani Collection focuses on the fine details like the beading, which is a focal point of this collection. Lace is still very ‘in’ and these dresses have a touch of delicate lace patterns to create an overall soft look. This year’s collection contains soft fabrics like Chantilly lace, silk satin, chiffon, tulle and a lot of intricate beading and embroidered lace.


Charlize Theron’s peplum-style Academy Award red-carpet look inspired this year’s 2014 Love by Enzoani collection. Last season’s social collections saw the structured peplum take off. However, this season the peplum has evolved into soft construction as seen in Burberry’s pleated collection. Kang Chun Lin took the collection back to bridesmaids, which includes easy to wear styles that can be dressed up or down for any wedding party look. Expect to see soft fabrics like chiffon dresses and colour palettes including soft candy colours like tangerines, pale pinks and sky blues.

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