Is triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13, affecting the number of couples wanting to have a 2013 wedding?

2013-wedding-superstitionSurely 2013 is just a number? And besides, a whole year can’t be unlucky, can it? Plenty of people have been married or had children on the 13th day of the month with nothing bad coming of it. But no, there are stories of brides who are prolonging or rushing their engagements just so they miss the supposed year of bad luck.

Could this be the year of bridal bargains? If the numbers of couples unwilling to get married in 2013 are as high as they are said to be, then having a 2013 wedding could prove to be quite the penny saver! With venues already heavily discounting weddings held on Friday 13th, for those brides brave enough to be having a 2013 wedding, this could offer up some nice savings.

Very superstitious…

Maybe a wedding on Friday 13th of September 2013, at 13:13 would be pushing it though. But then again, you make your own luck. It should be to do with what you make of the day, not what the date makes of it. Constantly worrying that “something bad is going to happen”, will ultimately lead to something bad happening – you not being able to enjoy what is meant to be the happiest day of your life.

Although, it looks like our forum brides over at Wedding Ideas Chat are a fearless bunch! With 57 weddings and counting, the idea of a 2013 wedding does not seem to be putting many brides off planning their big day!

Have you got triskaidekaphobia? Or are you having a 2013 wedding and think it’s just a silly superstition?

Let us know!


  1. I hadnt even thought of that, im getting married in 2013 and im very superstitious and it hadnt even crossed my mind until reading this ūüôĀ


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