Sugared almonds? Forget them! We know they’re a traditional wedding favour, but there’s so much more you can offer your guests! We’ve had a look around for some fab budget-friendly favour ideas that you can give to your guests.

Personalised plants

Plant a bulb (tulip, hyacinth, daffodil) in a mini terracotta pot. Attach a parcel tag with the guest’s name to every pot and it doubles up as a place setting.

Chocolate favours

Write the guest’s name on a paper flag cocktail stick and pop on to a prettily-wrapped chocolate – like a Ferrero Rocher.

A small scented candle

Something masculine for the men like sandalwood and maybe a floral for the girls – rose scented would be good for a wedding.

Special seeds

Print out some sticky labels saying something like ‘Thank you for being here to make our wedding day blossom’ and then stick on to a packet of seeds, putting one by each place setting.

Monogram favours

Play around on your computer and create a monogram of everybody’s intials, then print out on to card and put by their places.

Toffee apples

They’re not difficult to make, and look fabulous wrapped in cellophane, tied with a ribbon and label with the wedding date and name of the bride and groom.

Make some jam!

Present in small jam jars tied with a gingham ribbon with the name of the bride and groom on the label.

Mini wedding cakes

If you’ve got a bigger budget, get smaller replicas made of your wedding cake and package up in presentation boxes to be placed on every table.

Rose bushes

For the ladies at each table, buy some inexpensive small rose bushes and personalise with their names on a handwritten gift tag. Use them as floral table centre decorations to be taken home afterwards.

Cake pops

Make individual cake pops and leave at each place setting wrapped in cellophane and tie with a bow.

Paper flower favours

You can make paper flowers yourself – tie in with your wedding theme or maybe use blue for boys and pinks for the girls. Use them to wrap a small gift – it could be just an after dinner mint but your table will look so pretty!

Soapy favour ideas

What about making mini guest soaps? Soaps are not difficult to make (so don’t worry if you’re not much of a cook) and you can match the scent to the time of year of your wedding – something rich like cedar for winter or a light floral note for summer.

Mini bottles of bubbly

Instead of giving guests a glass of Champagne, put a mini bottle of bubbly by each place setting along with a straw (and personalise each bottle with a label). Everybody can add to the atmosphere by popping the corks when the speeches begin!

DIY favours

For your younger guests, buy an inexpensive fabric purse (or better still make one from felt if you have time) and fill it with chocolate coins.

Favours for the little ones

Again, for younger guests, put a colouring book with their name on and some smart new pencils by their places.

Buttonhole favours

What about making a little buttonhole or corsage for each guest? You can place it in a folded napkin. You don’t need to do anything complicated – a sprig of lavender is perfect for both men and women, topped with a little bit of greenery, and wrap the stems with florist tape. Just choose a bloom that doesn’t need to be kept in water.

Fortune favours

How about making your own fortune cookie favours?

You’ll have to add the paper fortunes yourself and you’ll have fun thinking some up for your guests. Print them out using your computer on to paper and then cut into long strips to slide inside the cookie before it’s baked. Of course, you can also save time and purchase your fortune cookie wedding favours in bulk instead for another cost-effective option!

Rosy red apples

Attach a personalised label with each guests’ name (and a message if you have time) to a perfect rosy apple and leave it by their place.

Music CDs

Burn a CD of the music played at your wedding, slip into a jewel case that you’ve personalised with the bride and groom’s names and the date of the wedding and give a copy to each guest.

Personalised luggage tags

If you’re having a destination wedding, put a personalised luggage tag by everybody’s place setting.

We hope these fab favour ideas have sparked off some inspirational ideas! Why not tell us what you’re giving your guests in the comments, below?