What exactly makes the perfect partner? Is it intelligence? Being affectionate? Or good looks? Beaverbrooks the Jewellers commissioned a study on ‘The Perfect Match’ to mark the release of a new collection of diamond and two band ‘silhouette’ rings, which, much like the perfect partnership, are made to complement each other perfectly.

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Lorna Haddon, diamond ring and jewellery buyer at Beaverbrooks, and recently married herself, said: “It’s clear that the core traits we seek in a partner boil down to their values, openness and desire to build a future together. But it’s the little gestures and day-to-day interactions that can also prove to be a big draw, and end in two people feeling they just ‘fit’.

Are you and your partner the perfect fit?

The perfect partner

  • Cheers you up
  • Knows your likes/dislikes
  • Not scared to be affectionate
  • Supportive of your goals
  • Knows when you need space
  • Consults you over big decisions
  • Can cook a mean roast dinner
  • Can make you laugh more than anyone
  • Freely apologises after an argument
  • Won’t talk about arguments with friends/family 
  • Discusses the future
  • Tells it like it is – no mind games
  • Doesn’t keep secrets from you
  • Has their own interests
  • Gets on with your friends
  • Offers lifts if you need to get somewhere
  • Is approved of by parents/siblings
  • Finds the same things annoying that you do
  • Knows when to bend the truth – when to be brutally honest
  • Doesn’t watch ahead on box-sets without you

Perfect girlfriend

  • Great smile
  • Confident in her own skin
  • Encouraging and supportive
  • Knows how to dress well
  • Doesn’t give the silent treatment
  • Stands up for herself
  • Lets you have a lie-in
  • Interested in sports
  • Gets on with your mates
  • Teaches you things you didn’t know
  • Doesn’t mind ordering take-away/eating junk food
  • Is independent
  • Goes to see live music with you
  • Gets on with your mum
  • Helps you choose nice clothes
  • Likes to take you out for dinner
  • Watches horror films
  • Laughs even when you’re not funny
  • Has a unisex/neutral sense of home decor
  • Makes crude jokes with you

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Perfect boyfriend

  • Good sense of humour
  • Asks how your day was and listens
  • Knows when to be romantic
  • Diffuses your stresses
  • Looks good in a suit
  • Surprises you 
  • Brings a cup of tea in bed
  • Supports your goals
  • Stands up for you
  • Not afraid of spiders
  • Regularly compliments you
  • Notices when you have had your haircut
  • Can put together IKEA furniture
  • Sets a good impression on your parents
  • Dresses well
  • Fastens your jewellery for you
  • Prefers you without make-up on
  • Willingly watches rom-coms
  • Athletic
  • Can dance like Channing Tatum
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If you think you’ve found your perfect match and you want to put a ring on it, Beaverbrooks’ have a stunning collection of engagement rings. Lorna Haddon said: “If you trust them to pick your engagement ring without seeing it, we’d say they’re a keeper. It’s rare to feel that eternal connection with another person, and finding it is worth celebrating.”

Beaverbrooks’ brand new 17-piece range comprises 11 diamond rings of varying designs including halo, cluster and solitaire styles and six of the brand new double band silhouette rings to complement these.