If you’re a bride on a budget who still wants fabulous wedding accessories, there’s no need to break the bank. Check out these beautiful finishing touches for £20 and under!

Frances ivory hair flower, £20 each, Chez Bec

Savvy brides-to-be will know that when you’re considering big wedding days investments like the venue, catering or photography, often it’s the finishing touches that get left out of the budget. This can mean that either you end up spending more than you’d like on last minute bits and pieces, or you go without all together! Never fear though – we’ve got some top tips to help you get the gorgeous wedding day accessories you want without blowing the budget!

Bracelet, £19.99, Aye Do

Make a statement

One way to make your wedding accessories budget stretch further is by spending the majority of it on one statement piece, like a large hair comb, chandelier earrings or an embellished collar necklace. Your bigger jewellery will draw the eye most and make your whole ensemble look more expensive, meaning you can afford to go smaller and cheaper with the rest of your pieces.

Something borrowed

This clever idea is two in one – ask someone if you can borrow their jewellery, and you’ll get your ‘something borrowed’ as well as free wedding accessories! You can ask your mum or grandma for an heirloom piece to tie in some family history, or your fiancé’s mother for something of hers to represent the two families combining. If your best mate has a stunning clip or pair of earrings that you just love the look of, that works too!

Necklace, £20, Alan Hannah Devoted at Debenhams

Look for designers in the high street

If you’re dying for designer accessories but know you can’t stretch to it, don’t forget to check to see if they have a cheaper diffusion line for the high street! We love No. 1 Jenny Packham and Alan Hannah Devoted, both available at Debenhams.

Beware matching sets

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You might think that buying a pre-boxed matching set of jewellery would be your best bet, but it looks much more modern to mix and match your jewellery – not to mention that it may actually be cheaper for you buy your earrings, necklace and bracelet separately.

Do it yourself

If you’re a crafty bride-to-be with confidence in your DIY abilities, then simply make your own wedding accessories! You can find loads of tutorials online or in special wedding craft books – check out our step-by-step guide to making a vintage-inspired bridal belt here!

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Wedding accessories for under £20