Make the most of your wedding venue, inside and out, with our handy checklist of wedding photographs! Make sure you capture every one for your album!

1. Look out for water features and statues as scene setters.

2. If you’ve chosen a city abroad, show the character of the location with a bustling background.

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3. Use the decor and architecture of your venue. If it has high ceilings and sumptuous art, you can get some great snaps.

4. If your venue has funky wallpaper, use it as a cool backdrop.

5. Lighting at night is always a guaranteed winner, but larger props in the venue’s garden will really look incredible.

6. Outdoor stairs are a popular choice for traditional group shots, but it’s a romantic choice for the two of you, too.

7. If your venue has pictures up of iconic figures, these can make for fun photos.

8. A picture of the bride walking down a spiral staircase is still a classic not to be missed.

9. For a seaside wedding, get a fun themed shot in front of a beach hut.

10. Staged group photos outside the front of the venue will be favourites for the album.

11. Clever use of outside details can create dramatic photos with romantic silhouettes like this.

12. Musical features like a grand piano or harp make for fabulous props.

13. Stained glass windows are a photographer’s dream, creating amazing backlit snaps.

14. Giant garden games add fun to your album, and look even better with a breathtaking backdrop.

15. Lakes look fab in photos, especially if you have boats or gondolas you can use.

16. Large windows create elegant lighting that’s just made for a bridal glow!

17. If you’re getting married in a venue with animals, include them in your photos.

18. Make sure you get a reception photo before guests sit down to eat, while the tables are still looking perfect.

19. Landscaped gardens are great spots for throwing the bouquet or releasing balloons or lanterns in the evening.

20. If there are trees outside, ask your venue if you can add a swing for romantic shots like this!

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